China News Service, Beijing, March 2 (Liu Xingchen and Li Sihang) On February 20, the "Farewell to the Willows" at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics brought this ice and snow feast to a successful conclusion.

With the official opening of the Winter Paralympic Villages in the three competition areas of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, the host of the "Double Olympic City" has once again opened its arms and embraced the world.

  On March 4, the Beijing Winter Paralympics will officially open.

From the Winter Olympics to the Winter Paralympics, this place is filled with enthusiasm and welcomes guests from all over the world.

The heart-warming details that can be seen everywhere in the Winter Paralympic Village are eye-catching.

The picture shows the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Photo by Chen Liang

  In order to realize "two Olympic Games are equally exciting" and make the Winter Paralympic Games run smoothly and safely, the three Winter Paralympic Villages were converted from the previous Winter Olympic Villages.

The day after the closing of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the setting and debugging of the Paralympic image landscape and barrier-free facilities began.

About 1,700 athletes and team officials are expected to live in the three Winter Paralympic Villages one after another.

  Creating a safe, warm and comfortable "athlete's home" is the basic work for running the Winter Paralympic Games well.

Among them, the construction of barrier-free environment is the most important.

In order to provide villagers with meticulous and comprehensive services in food, housing and transportation, the Winter Paralympic Village is well-prepared.

Image source: Screenshot of CCTV news video.

food - full of sincerity

  During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the smart restaurant in the Winter Olympic Village was well received by Chinese and foreign athletes.

In the restaurant of the Winter Paralympic Village, many details are integrated into the host's humanistic care for the Winter Paralympic athletes.

  "We have adjusted the number of tables and chairs so that two wheelchairs can pass through at the same time, whether horizontally or vertically. On the basis of the original Winter Olympics standard, the dining table has been raised by 5 to 6 centimeters, and wheelchair athletes can put their wheelchairs at any time. Push it into the dining table," said Gao Xuemei, manager of the catering business area of ​​the Yanqing Winter Paralympic Village.

  On the first day of the opening of the village, the Yanqing Winter Paralympic Village Athlete Restaurant launched a sincere first meal for the athletes.

Raise the height of the dining table, reduce the number of tables and chairs, increase the Braille menu... At first glance, it is full of warmth.

Live - design thoughtful

  As the "home" of the athletes during the Winter Paralympic Games, the Winter Paralympic Athlete's Apartment has taken many aspects into consideration during the design process.

Walking into the athlete's apartment, the barrier-free facilities everywhere are the best proof.

  Anti-slip materials are used in corridors and indoor floors, and the interior space of the room is easy for wheelchairs to turn and pass; almost all doors are sliding doors that can be operated with one arm, and the bathroom is equipped with barrier-free hygiene and shower facilities, with safety grab bars and shower stools , high and low hooks, low showers, racks and other living facilities; in the bedroom, the foot of the bed is 10 cm lower than that during the Winter Olympics, which is convenient for athletes in wheelchairs to get on and off the bed; the pillow at the head of the bed is decorated with Beijing Winter The Paralympic emblem "Feiyue", on the other side is the Beijing Winter Paralympic mascot "Xue Rongrong", which is also a gift for athletes.

Image source: CCTV video screenshot.

OK - fine service

  As the first stop of each delegation to the village, in the reception hall, the relevant personnel can go to the residential area after completing the relevant procedures. There is a special battery car at the entrance to pick up the delegation members.

Regarding the travel of athletes, facilities and equipment conversion and temporary barrier-free facilities have been added to the apartment buildings, fitness center, entertainment center, and square area in the Winter Paralympic Village.

  In addition, during the Winter Paralympics, there will be a special group of "volunteers" participating - guide dogs, which can bring great help to blind athletes.

Image source: Screenshot of CCTV news client video.

  These guide dogs are specially trained to handle complex, cold environmental conditions and to guide blind athletes to travel independently.

  The relevant person in charge of the China Disabled Persons' Federation said that the guide dog that helped the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games wore the anti-counterfeiting traceability code with China's independent intellectual property rights for the first time. Through the traceability code, people can clearly understand the bloodline, age, More than a dozen detailed information such as training and "service" to provide better and more satisfying services for the visually impaired.

  Behind the design of many intelligent management, refined service and humanized care is the great enthusiasm displayed by the Winter Paralympic Village.

Countless unknown people are committed to providing better services, and Beijing wants to once again fulfill the "athlete-centered" Olympic concept.

While showing the host's cultural care, this "city of double Olympics" embraces the world and faces the future.