The Major League Baseball Organization announced on the 25th that it will be possible to hold an open match at the earliest after the 8th of next month due to the unsuccessful labor-management negotiations with the players' association.

In the major leagues, the labor-management agreement with the players' association expired in December last year, and all activities related to labor and management have stopped, and the situation called "lockout" continues. Not done.

In the negotiations held in Florida on the 25th, the Major League Baseball Commissioner of Baseball and Clark, Managing Director of the Players Association, met one-on-one, but no concrete progress was made on the main issues. ..

After the negotiations are over, the Major League Baseball Organization has announced that the open game, which has been delayed from the 26th of this month to the 5th of next month, will be available at the earliest after the 8th of next month.

Negotiations are scheduled to take place on the 26th, and the Major League Baseball Organization has indicated that it will delay the start of the season scheduled for 31st next month and reduce the number of games if it can not be agreed by the 28th. ..

At the venue where the negotiations were held, there was a fan holding a placard saying "Help baseball" and said, "I live in the neighborhood, but I feel lonely because the camp does not start."