[Explanation] The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have just concluded, and Lhasa, Tibet has also set off a "ice and snow boom".

The two Tibetan skiers who represented China at this year's Winter Olympics have also become idols for many children in the ski resort.

  In the ski resort, there are ice entertainment activities such as ski rings, sleds, snowboards, etc. Many parents bring their children to experience a variety of ice and snow fun.

Gwang Pema Rinzin from Lhasa Experimental Primary School likes to play football and dreams of becoming a football player.

In the ski resort, he is also alive and well. When he first came into skiing, he could not avoid falling, but he also realized the difficulty of being an Olympic athlete when he fell and stood up again and again.

  [Concurrent] Student Gwang Pema Rinzin

  This year is the Beijing Winter Olympics, and then I see the skiing events in those Winter Olympics, and I find it very interesting.

I came to try it with my courage, I skied a few times and fell many times, and then I felt that this sport was very difficult, so I still admire those skiers.

  [Explanation] Although Tibet has abundant ice and snow resources, for many children, it was only through this Winter Olympics that they learned about ice and snow sports, and it was also the first time to experience ice sports in person.

The splendid performance of popular athlete Gu Ailing on the field has buried a "dream of ice and snow" in the hearts of the children.

  [Concurrent] Student Laba Dolma

  I knew there was Gu Ailing at the Winter Olympics. I saw that she was very good, and I wanted to go skiing. My mother promised me to buy ice skates.

I'm wrestling now, but it doesn't hurt and can then stand up.

  [Explanation] According to the person in charge of the venue, the temperature difference between day and night in Lhasa is large, and the sun has accelerated the melting of ice and snow, which will bring certain difficulties to making ice and snow. The "ice and snow fever" brought by the Winter Olympics.

  [Concurrent] Wang Daigeng, the person in charge of a ski resort

  This time, we created the 2022 Ice and Snow Recreation Festival, which is mainly based on the combination of the Winter Olympic Games, and then let tourists feel the atmosphere of the Winter Olympic Games, and also let tourists come to us to experience some of the fun brought by ice and snow.

The total reception volume of this event is up to now, and more than 20,000 tourists have come to us to check in.

  [Explanation] Although the ski resort is not big and does not have enough professional ski equipment, there are still children's laughter from time to time in the venue, falling down and climbing up with a smile, burning the "ice and snow fever" to the plateau.

  Reported by Xie Mu Lhasa

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]