It was a grumpy battle in Motala where the home team chased a turn against Vänersborg after the 4-2 loss in the first meeting.

And it took 25 minutes, then Motala caught up - and in, thanks to the away goal rule.

The first goal came through Casper Hänninen who hit a bouncing ball in front of the box.

Then Jonas Enander was able to increase to 2-0 after Vänersborg's Hugo Nyman gave away the ball with a failed pass.

After the two goals in the first half, where it was repeatedly irritated in front of Vänersborg's box, a goalless second awaited and Motala moved on.

- It is extremely nice to be able to win at home, states Motala's Albin Rohlén in Sportbladet Play's broadcast.

Villa Lidköping and Edsbyn are waiting

In the second round of 16, Sirius was in the driver's seat after a 6-3 victory away against Vetlanda in the first round.

And despite the fact that it was the chasing guests who opened the scoring early on at Studenternas when Filip Bringe found the right corner, they did not manage to turn the situation around.

10 minutes later, the home team equalized after a delicious volley from David Thorén.

The teams were then followed during the match and at the position 3-3 when the clock ticked up to 90 minutes it was already decided.

Sirius finished by sending in two more goals, won the return with 5-3 and secured a quarter-final place.

- Damn good, I think we are worth it.

We control both matches and have better games.

We create many situations and are good at defending, says Sune Gustafsson in Sirius.

Now Villa Lidköping is waiting for Motala in the quarter finals while Sirius will face Edsbyn.

The quarterfinals start on Friday, February 25.