• FC Nantes produced a superb performance against PSG, winning 3-1.

  • Antoine Kombouaré expected a big game from his players.

    He was not disappointed.

  • Well placed in the standings and in the semi-finals of the Coupe de France, FC Nantes can experience an exciting end to the season.

At Beaujoire,

Solid, hard-hitting, surgical, imperial… The qualifiers to define the performance of FC Nantes against the great PSG (3-1) are not lacking.

Because it was necessary to be impeccable, Saturday evening at Beaujoire, to hope to obtain a result against Paris, which came out of a convincing victory in the Champions League against Real.

Antoine Kombouaré had announced it before the meeting: “We have never been so strong”.

Saturday evening, the Canaries have climbed a step further, in front of a Beaujoire in fusion.

With his defense at five and an Osman Bukari replaced at the right piston position, Antoine Kombouaré's bet seemed daring.

But this FC Nantes version 2021-2022 is no longer that of last season.

He gained self-confidence.

Without getting carried away.

Facing PSG, the FCN went ahead in the first period.

Ludovic Blas and his team capsized an entire stadium in fifteen minutes, thanks to the achievements of the stainless Kolo Muani, then the young Merlin.

Until leading 3-0 at the break.

A slightly crazy scenario, which Antoine Kombouaré would certainly not have even dreamed of.

Players in tune

“We are really surprised to lead 3-0 at halftime.

We then say to ourselves that we must start again at 0-0, without playing to preserve the score.

We have seen it.

If you step back, they have the quality”, calmly analyzes the Nantes coach, “very proud” of his players.

“We are solid defensively.

From there, I tell myself that if we have to win against PSG, it's now… If we win, it's because the players do what is necessary, they move their buttocks”.

The state of mind of the Yellow and Green paid off against a PSG who quickly doubted.

In particular thanks to the multiple decisive stops of Lafont.

The Nantes goalkeeper achieved a perfect score, even stopping a (badly) penalty shot by Neymar.

“Alban ended up disgusting the attackers.

If today we have this ranking, there is a large part of his work which is to be highlighted, ”underlines the Kanak coach.

“We reset the counters to zero”

Nantes players in tune.

“It was what we wanted to see.

A match where it was forbidden to only suffer and play counterattacks.

We played a men's match, ”explains the FCN coach.

Nantes is provisionally 5th in the Ligue 1 classification. “We are watching the match which comes on Sunday”, cuts the technician.

“I learned that you can relax after a victory.

We are happy and we reset the counters to zero.

Casually, Nantes managed their first victory against a Top 5 team this season, "against a great PSG with three stars in front".

After this performance, there is no longer any question of talking about maintenance.

Can we dream of a great season on the FCN side?

Not to mention the Coupe de France semi-final against Monaco on March 2.

Antoine Kombouaré replies: “That's the question I ask myself every day.

But I don't have the answers.

We are going to work, but the answers are the players who give them at the weekend.



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