The women's three-mile at the Olympics in Beijing is also being moved due to the weather conditions, the International Ski Federation announces.

The start is brought forward by two and a half hours and now starts at 11 am local time, 04.00 Swedish time.

The reason is the strong wind, which is expected to increase in the afternoon.

The length of the race and the course do not change, according to the association.

The men's five-mile course, which took place on Saturday, also had its start time moved, but then the length of the course was also reduced to 28 kilometers, which has been met with strong criticism.

- Idiotic, either you cancel or you drive.

It's no hotter to drive 30 km than 50 km, Jens Burman told Radiosporten after the race.

Ebba Andersson, Jonna Sundling, Emma Ribom and Charlotte Kalla will drive Sunday's three miles for Sweden.

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SVT expert: "It is wise that they stop Frida Karlsson"