Three Olympic collapses were too much for Frida Karlsson who could never recover to Sunday's final three miles.

Yesterday, the national team management announced that Karlsson - normally Sweden's best distance skier - will be stopped from starting in the last Olympic race.

- We judge that she is not there in terms of form and recovery, said national team manager Anders Byström to TT and other media.

Frida Karlsson wanted to drive herself.

"It feels heavy, and fucking empty now," the ski star wrote on Instagram.

"Very sad for Frida"

Barely a day later, her teammates stood in the Olympic village in Zhangjiakou and explained how they received the message and how the team now supports Karlsson.

- It's very boring for Frida.

She has really tried to give this one last chance after the discharges that have been for her.

But at the same time, this is a consequence of the fact that it has been a little extra tough with a little too much strain on her body, says Ebba Andersson and continues:

- I just hope it is a decision made for her good.

She has kept the flame up.

We will miss her at the start tomorrow.

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SVT expert: "It is wise that they stop Frida Karlsson"

Cold understand

Charlotte Kalla can with her routine see how hard Frida Karlsson has it:

- Yes, I have had that frustration in any case.

You want it to be true when it's a competition, then you get frustrated when it does not work, says Kalla.

- It feels very sad for Frida's sake that there will be no start tomorrow.

But perhaps above all that she has not got the capacity she has shown so many times this season.

Emma Ribom says that there is a good atmosphere in the group and that Frida Karlsson, despite her setbacks, has contributed to creating a good atmosphere:

- We support each other in ups and downs.

We are good at that.

Frida is coming back.

She's a fighter.