(Beijing Winter Olympics) The Beijing Winter Olympics set off a new fashion for overseas Chinese and Chinese ice and snow sports

  China News Agency, Beijing, February 18 (Xu Wenxin, Jin Xu) The ice and snow sports boom set off by the ongoing Beijing Winter Olympics has infected many overseas Chinese and international students.

While cheering and cheering for the Olympic athletes, they went to the "Ice and Snow Appointment" with practical actions and enjoyed it.

  On the first day of the new year, Li Hongrui, who has lived in South Korea for 8 years, started the first day of the Year of the Tiger with a ski.

As an "enthusiast", Li Hongrui has been involved in skiing for nearly ten years, and he likes to describe skiing in a hearty way: "I still remember that in 2020, I was injured on the way to buy ski equipment and was admitted to the hospital. After I was discharged from the hospital, I went to the ski resort. , I originally planned to see the snow scene and smog, but I couldn't help but slip on and enjoy it!"

  In his opinion, ice and snow sports are a game for the brave. In the Winter Olympics, the athletes shine behind the field, embodying the training and accumulation of fearless danger time and time again.

  Hou Jiayi, an engineer living in Japan, as a volunteer in 2014, witnessed the birth of China's first Winter Olympics gold medal in speed skating at the Sochi Winter Olympics, and also participated in the Sochi Olympic Park to collect signatures to support Beijing's bid for the Winter Olympics.

  In her eyes, skiing is an activity that integrates with nature.

"Most of the ski trails are built on mountains and need to rely on natural terrain. Only by integrating into nature can you truly experience the fun."

  Talking about the Winter Olympics, Hou Jiayi said: "In the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, I saw that China still has great potential in ice and snow sports, but as the Beijing Winter Olympics draws to a close, I deeply feel the motherland's Strong, the Chinese can also be the first in ice and snow events, which is proud!"

  Data show that from the successful bid for the Beijing Winter Olympics to October 2021, 346 million people participated in ice and snow sports in China, and the participation rate in ice and snow sports exceeded 24%.

  "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, it would be really hard to believe that skiing, which was once considered a 'minority' sport, is becoming a new trend and is being loved by more and more people." Liu Yunming, who studied in Germany, said that he took advantage of the With the opportunity of an internship in Beijing, I had a "skiing addiction" with my friends.

  In December 2021, Liu Yunming first encountered skiing at Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort and became a ski enthusiast.

"The cold wind blew my face, my feet galloped down on the soft white snow, and the random rotation brought snowflakes, and all the fatigue and stress also dissipated. One word is 'cool'," he said.

  "Fall down a hundred times, climb up a hundred times. The skill of skiing is basically based on falling out." Liu Yunming told reporters that his personal experience of learning skiing made him better understand the hard work behind the athletes. "The Beijing Winter Olympics The ice and snow athletes continue to break through themselves and set new records with their perfect performance and tenacious struggle, which makes me deeply feel the charm of competitive sports, and I believe that the Beijing Winter Olympics will definitely lead the ice and snow sports into a new era." (End)