In the freestyle ski halfpipe, dizzying situations arose one after another.

Still, the players completed the race to the end and showed their spirit of challenge.

There was a dizzying crash in the men's halfpipe.

Finland's Salinen performs a spectacular aerial stunt when he collides with a cameraman who was filming him. 

Fortunately, a major accident was avoided.

Salinen got up again from the shock and slid down the halfpipe to finish the performance until the end, but unfortunately finished the challenge at the bottom.

Korea's promising player, Jang Yu-jin, was also very disappointing.

On the first jump, he jumped high and fell off a wall when he fell.

Still, he did not give up and got up again, showing off all the remaining jumps, and finished it to the end.

Jang Yu-jin made the same mistake in his second period and promised four years later.