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Florentino Pérez and the Real Madrid board of directors left the Parque de los Príncipes with a strange feeling.

The defeat and the bad image of the team on the pitch was mixed with the bittersweet taste left by the performance of

Kylian Mbappé

, a PSG star who longs to sign the white team and who completely dismantled the Madrid team.

The 200 million offer made at the end of last August was armed with reasons on Tuesday night, when the Parisian striker exhibited all his potential.

"He is the best in Europe", sentenced

Carlo Ancelotti

, without response neither he nor his defense before the deployment of the rival 7.

In the box, the president of Madrid reaffirmed what he has been thinking since 2017, when he first tried to get his signature: after the golden years of

Leo Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo

, he is the heir.

In the next seats, the owners of PSG also chewed contradictions.

The joy of victory, with a great goal from Mbappé in the 93rd minute, increased his frustration at not yet having managed to renew the great banner of the club.

And it won't be because they haven't tried.

In addition to the off-market offers (well above the 25 million euros a year that he will probably earn in Madrid, if he ends up signing) and the work of seducing his entire family environment, they have even had the help of the Elysee.

Emmanuel Macron


, President of France, has taken an interest in the case, encouraging the protagonist to continue at the Parisian club.

He has sent it to you directly.

Also one of his predecessors at the head of the Republic,

Nicolas Sarkozy

, has mediated.

Behind these movements appears the power and influence of Qatar in Paris.

The oil kingdom owns PSG and years ago managed to acquire both the Parc des Princes team and the organization of the next World Cup thanks to the mediation of Sarkozy, a key role that the former president of FIFA,

Joseph Blatter


From Doha, Nasser Al Khelaifi



, president and sporting director of PSG, were ordered to

obtain the renewal of Mbappé at almost any price, hence the anger of both last summer when receiving the offer from Real Madrid.

“The fastest food in Florentino”

The relationship between the two clubs was blown up at that time, culminating in the cold meeting last Tuesday at the meal prior to the Champions League match in Paris.

"The fastest in the history of Florentino", they say in Madrid about a cold and tense appointment resolved in just one hour.

Al Khelaifi himself, upon rising from the table, acknowledged to the media the discrepancies that he maintains with what until recently was a friendly entity.

The political interventions of Macron or Sarkozy do not alter Real Madrid, which continues with its firm intention to take over Mbappé next summer.

The striker wants to play in white and the club of the 13 European Cups sees him as the capital figure on which to aspire to everything on the continent.

Every day that he goes by without renewing, he gets a little closer to the Bernabéu, although the temptations to continue in Paris will not be lacking.

Renault's interest

Both parties, Mbappé and Madrid, after the Champions League draw from which such a morbid pairing emerged, agreed to cut communications, leave their matter discreetly aside, so that no one could accuse the player of having his mind on something else.

The enormous game he played and his subsequent statements, reminding him that he will give everything for PSG and


another exhibition in the second leg, have given Madrid proof of his professionalism.

In addition to the interest of politicians,


are also aware of Mbappé's future.

At the Bernabéu they have already received proposals to land at the club from the striker's hand.

One of them is Renault, the French automotive giant, which through its subsidiary Alpine, the sports brand that sponsors

Fernando Alonso

's team in Formula 1, has sounded out Real Madrid for the possibility of becoming its partner. commercial.

He would occupy the position of Audi, in a bid that is open to more actors.

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