China News Service, Beijing, February 14 (Reporter Xing Chong, Xu Pengpeng, Li Jun) The Beijing Winter Olympics snowboard men's big jumping platform competed in the qualifying competition on the 14th. Chinese player Su Yiming turned 1800 degrees in the first round with an ultra-high difficulty. Action got a high score of 92.50.

In the second round, Su Yiming made the action of turning 1440 and grabbing the tail of the board. When he landed, he touched the snow a little and scored 62.75 points.

The picture shows Su Yiming in the game.

Photo by China News Service reporter Li Jun

  In the third round, Su Yiming did not choose to be conservative, but to make it harder. He chose to turn 1880 outside and grab the tail of the board. His aerial movements were very beautiful, but he made a mistake when he landed and fell on the snow, resulting in only 28.00 points.

  According to the rules, the top 12 players with the highest scores in the two rounds will advance to the final.

In the end, Su Yiming ranked fifth with a total score of 155.25 points and advanced to the final.

  Su Yiming will celebrate his 18th birthday on the 18th of this month. He won a silver medal in the snowboard men's slope obstacle skill competition not long ago.

Looking forward to the better performance of "Little Embroid" in the final tomorrow!