At the Okinawa camp of professional baseball Nippon-Ham, director Tsuyoshi Shinjo played a practice game with Hanshin, which is the second external game, and was attended by members mainly from the 2nd army.

Director Shinjo made up the members of the practice match with the Hanshin Tigers on the 8th of this month centered on the players of the 1st army, but the second practice match with the Hanshin Tigers on the 11th sees the possibility of many players. For this reason, I was a member of the 2nd Army.

In addition, with the intention of enlivening the feelings of the players before the match, Director Shinjo decided the batting order by lot and played the match as it was.

In the game, pitcher Haruka Nemoto, who was 18 years old in his second year as a professional pitcher from Shiraoi-cho, pitched from the 6th to the 4th, and threw 2 innings such as suppressing the main force of the Hanshin Tigers with 3 people, no hits, 3 strikeouts. I got the result.

When Pitcher Nemoto pulled up, Director Shinjo greeted him in front of the bench and aimed at him.

In the 6th inning to chase 2 points, rookie Tatsuki Mizuno, who joined the draft 3rd place from adult baseball, made a timely hit and appealed, and in the following 7th inning, Yuki Nomura also hit in a timely manner. I scored a point and reversed to 3 to 2.

The match ended in a 3 to 3 draw with Nippon-Ham returning 1 point in the 9th inning.

Director Shinjo said, "It's great that the pitcher has only one walk in two games. I want more fun to decide the order of the game because I'm worried." I did.