(Beijing Winter Olympics) Event Preview: China's two competing men's and women's curling to win

  China News Service, Beijing, February 10 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The Beijing Winter Olympics will produce 7 gold medals on the 11th. The Chinese team will attack on ice and snow, and will compete for medals in the short track speed skating and steel frame snowmobile arenas.

  On the ice: Short track speed skating and men's and women's curling for medals

  Short track speed skating will be held on the 11th in the women's 1,000-meter quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, as well as the men's 5,000-meter relay semi-finals and men's 500-meter preliminaries. China's short track speed skating has won 2 golds and 1 silver at the Olympics. The team will compete for medals again.

  In the women's 1000m preliminaries held on the 9th, Chinese players Qu Chunyu, Han Yutong and Zhang Chutong joined hands to advance.

However, the competition in this event is fierce. The 1500-meter gold medalist at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, South Korea's Choi Minjing, and the defending champion, the Dutch star Schulting competed fiercely in the preliminaries, breaking the Olympic record successively.

In particular, Schultin has performed strongly this Olympic cycle, winning all five gold medals in the women's event at the World Championships last year.

  Italian veteran Fontana, who defended her title in the women's 500m short track speed skating at the Winter Olympics, also advanced to the top of the group and became a strong contender for the championship.

The Chinese team will make every effort to hit the medals in this event.

  In the men's 5000m relay, the Chinese team led by Winter Olympic champion Wu Dajing was the runner-up last year.

In this Olympic cycle, with the sudden emergence of Ren Ziwei and the growth of "post-00" teenagers such as Li Wenlong, Zhang Tianyi and Sun Long, the Chinese men's team has maintained the style of a strong team, and it is reasonable to enter the finals.

  In the men's 500-meter preliminaries, the Chinese team with full seats will send defending champion Wu Dajing, the Olympic double champion Ren Ziwei and teenager Sun Long to join the expedition, expecting all members to advance to the quarter-finals on the 13th.

  The men's and women's round-robin competitions will continue in the curling arena. The Chinese men's team will play against the Danish team and the women's team will face the US team.

  In the first two rounds of competitions, the Chinese men's and women's curling teams were both unfavorable.

The men's team lost to Sweden and the Russian Olympic Committee respectively, and suffered a two-game losing streak; the women's team also lost to Denmark in the first round on the 10th (the Chinese women's curling team will also face the world champion Switzerland on the evening of the 10th). team).

This time, both teams need to strive for victory in order to be in a favorable position in the round-robin rankings.

  In addition to continuing the men's ice hockey group rounds, the ice hockey field will also hold two quarter-finals of women's ice hockey. The U.S. team and the Czech team, Canada and Sweden will compete for the two semifinals first.

  On the Snow: Yan Wengang's steel frame snowmobile competes for medals in a veneer U-shaped pool to stage a battle between the old and the new

  On the 11th, the men's steel frame bobsleigh will win the gold medal after the third and fourth rounds. Chinese player Yan Wengang is expected to compete for the medal.

  After the first two rounds of competition on the 10th, German players took the top two, and Chinese players Yan Wegang and Yin Zheng ranked third and seventh respectively, of which Yan Wegang scored 2:01.08, behind the ranking The first German star Christopher Groth Hull 0.75 seconds, and the second place is only 0.05 seconds away.

In the first round, Yin Zheng also set a track start record of 4.60 seconds.

  Yan Wengang, who is temporarily ranked third, said on the 10th that he hopes to play a better level tomorrow, and the final result will be better than today.

  In 2015, after Beijing successfully won the right to host the Winter Olympics, China formed a steel frame snow team.

But the team made rapid progress, qualifying for the Winter Olympics two and a half years later and making their Winter Olympics debut in Pyeongchang, where Geng Wenqiang finished 13th.

  In last year's World Cup, Geng Wenqiang won the first World Cup men's singles championship for the Chinese team.

This time, although Geng Wenqiang was not selected for the Winter Olympics list, Yan Wengang and Yin Zhengjun are strong and are expected to achieve another breakthrough for the Chinese team.

  The men's U-shaped field skills final will be held in the snowboard competition on that day.

Sean White, the "God of Snowboard" and the Triple Crown winner of the U.S. team, will face a strong challenge from the Japanese teenager Ayumi Hirano, who is 12 years younger than him.

Although the latter is less than 24 years old, he is already a two-time Winter Olympic silver medalist.

In the qualifying round on the 9th, Hirano Ayumi took the first place and beat Sean White who won the fourth place.

  Four players from the Chinese team participated in the qualifying match for men's U-shaped field skills, but unfortunately no one made it to the final.