Mona Brorsson, who was the best Swede in the distance race, is also not included.

- Of course Stina and Mona are disappointed, they had got a place in almost all other teams, but we only have four places, says head coach Johannes Lukas at a press conference.

Relay only remaining chance

Instead, it will be Anna Magnusson who gets the chance, together with Hanna and Elvira Öberg and Linn Persson.

- Between Anna, Stina and Mona it is very tight.

But Anna has looked very good, says Johannes Lukas.

After the sprint, which is the basis for the subsequent hunt start, only the relay for the biathletes in the Olympics remains.

ARCHIVE: Stina Nilsson: "Sebbe a role model" (January 13):

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Stina Nilsson and Sebastian Samuelsson Photo: Bildbyrån