16-year-old Chae-woon Lee, the youngest participant in the Korean squad, made her Olympic debut in the snowboard halfpipe.

He expressed his ambition to become a player like Yuna Kim.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


Middle school snowboarder Lee Chae-woon boldly took off among world-class athletes.

He jumped high and flashed, but his landing was disappointing.

In particular, starting with his successful quadruple jump in the 2nd period, he jumped four consecutive jumps nicely, raising expectations, but after failing to land again in the last jump, he covered his head and blamed himself.

[Lee Chae-woon / National Snowboarding Representative: I rode it in perfect condition until I fell, but unfortunately I fell because of a mistake in the last technique.

I think it would have been possible if I hadn't fallen.]

He finished 18th and missed the final ticket to 12th, but Lee Chae-woon successfully completed his Olympic debut 4 years later and 8 years later.

[Lee Chae-Woon/National Snowboarding Team: I want to become a player who never misses the first place like Yuna Kim (of figure skating) who says, 'Oh, there is Chae-Woon Lee in snowboarding.]

The king of the board, Sean White, also supported Chae-Woon Lee.

[Shawn White/36 years old, US snowboard representative: (Lee Chaewoon) 15 years old?

He's 16!

Congratulations on his participation in the Olympics, and we wish him continued growth as a healthy and strong athlete.

Seeing him makes me feel a little old.]

Legendary Sean White, who predicted her retirement, advanced to the final by placing 4th in the preliminary round, and Chloe Kim, the strongest Korean-American in the women's halfpipe, passed the preliminary round and announced the prospect of a gold medal for the second time in a row.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-soo, video editing: So Ji-hye)