At the Okinawa camp of professional baseball and Nippon-Ham, director Tsuyoshi Shinjo took the lead in the first external match against Hanshin Tigers, and Nippon-Ham won 6-2.

The practice game was held at the campground in Hanshin, the stadium in Ginoza Village, Okinawa Prefecture, and Shinjo gave the players a sense of tension, and in order to see the possibilities, outfielder Ryota Isobata defended the short. I appointed Yuki Nomura, the third player, to protect the left.

In the first match, Nippon-Ham's batting line was connected, and Yuma Imagawa, who participated in No. 7, hit a two-point timely hit in front of the left and took the lead with three points. Satoh hit a solo home run on the left to give an additional point.

In the defense, the short player Isobata flew and caught the liner's hit ball, showing a good play that made use of his high athletic ability, and heaped up the atmosphere of the team.

Director Shinjo did not enter the bench at the beginning of the game, but showed movements that can only be done in a practice game, such as watching the player's defense, base running, and the habit of the opponent pitcher from the prefab at the same height as the stand on the first base side.

After that, when Shinjo entered the bench, he greeted the player who was pulling up in front of the bench and instructed the outfielder from the front of the bench to the position of the defense.

Nippon-Ham engaged in offense and defense, and won 6-2.

Director Shinjo said, "When I asked the players,'How about defending in a different position,' he said,'It was a lot of fun.' What I enjoyed leads to a hit at bat. The team is changing. I felt a response.