Professional baseball and Hanshin will play against Nippon Ham under the direction of Tsuyoshi Shinjo in the first practice game at the Okinawa camp, and both players will be batting in the 6th year of the 4th candidate, Yusuke Oyama and the 2nd year, Teruaki Sato. I appealed with.

On the 8th, Hanshin welcomed Nippon Ham, led by Director Shinjo, to the stadium in Ginoza Village, Okinawa Prefecture, where he held his first practice match.

Despite the weekdays, 1000 fans visited Shinjo to see him at a glance, and Shinjo drove his own luxury car to the stadium and waved his hand to the fans' applause.

On the 8th, Teruaki Sato, who entered No. 4 in the second year, hit a timely hit in the first at bat, and the second at bat also hit a two-base hit in the light. Was shown.

In addition, Yusuke Oyama, who was in 4th place in the most games last season, caught a two-seam in the 2nd at bat three times and hit a solo home run on the left, and the 2nd candidates were all together. I left the result by batting.

Oyama said, "Since Director Shinjo is not the opponent, I went to the match without being aware of it. I felt good, but there are still a lot of things to do, so I want to work on the camp without wasting time."