Jonna Sundling and Maja Dahlqvist have had very different paths to the Beijing Olympics.

While Dahlqvist lined up World Cup victories in the sprint, Sundling has bounced back after a hand injury at the beginning of the season.

- It may have been an advantage for her in the way that she did not have the same pressure as Maja has had on her shoulders, says Gunde Svan and praises Sundling's implementation of today's sprint:

- It is enormously fascinating how Jonna puts up all day.

She marks and soaps to them something so copious already in the prologue, and then she is so cool and has the capacity to go to the top right away and decide everything so there will be no trouble.

There is so little needed to hook into any rod or something.

She plays the cards so safely after a perfect rulebook.

She uses the capacity to the maximum in a fantastic way.

"Had declared her dead"

Maja, who was a heel in the heel for a long time, dropped just before the riot and almost looked like she would miss the podium.

- You do not think she will scratch herself, she looks completely dumb before the sprint.

Where she finds those forces before the riot so she can be second ... yes, it's just pure will.

- I would like to have a blood test and see how many millimoles of acid she has in her blood when she crosses the finish line.

But I am afraid that a doctor would have declared her dead if they did not know what she had done, he says.

The company is Sweden's first in the Olympics since Gunde Svan and Thomas Wassberg succeeded in Sarajevo in 1984.

- It was time for it to double again.

Everyone is topped at the Olympics, usually in canon form, that when two pieces from little Sweden can make it unique, says Svan who remembers back on the silver 38 years ago:

- For my part, I really felt beaten.

So when I stood there afterwards, I did not enjoy much.

I really thought I could take that gold, but it did not work.

Thomas was too strong that day.

But the disappointment he felt then, today's silver medalist Maja Dahlqvist does not necessarily need to feel.

- As the body seemed to feel, I think she is happy with that silver.

It was totally empty.