It was not a success for Anna Dyvik who took the last place in the sprint team for the Olympics.

But the dream of a prominent position in Beijing already died in the quarterfinals.

Dyvik finished fourth in his heat and had no chance of pinching one of the lucky loser places.

- I would have liked to go further than this, it's a fucking disappointment, says Dyvik.

Dyvik went in a heat where she met Nadine Fähndrich and Maiken Caspersen Falla, among others.

Two tough opponents and Dyvik was not entirely happy with having chosen that heat.

- Very boring.

The line has become very much heavier than in the prologue and I chose the wrong heat.

I would not have had to ride with such strong riders, I would have needed a lighter heat, she tells Aftonbladet.

She says she was one of the first to choose and made a misjudgment.

- I thought that the riders would choose one or two.

I was a little unlucky, she says.