I början av november i fjol lade den förre tennisspelaren Peng Shuai ut ett inlägg på sociala medier där hon anklagade Kinas tidigare vice premiärminister Zhang Gaoli för sexuella övergrepp.

Inlägget plockades ganska snabbt bort och sedan hörde ingen av henne på nästan tre veckor.

I december förnekade sedan 36-åringen att hon anklagat någon för sexuella övergrepp överhuvudtaget.

Peng Shuai is far from the first person in China to remain silent under strange circumstances after expressing criticism of his own government.

At dinner

Anna Johansson, acting secretary general of the human rights organization Amnesty, believes that the tennis star's fate follows a form of script.

- Yes it does.

It is very common in China with directed confessions and directed statements where one can really question whether it is the person himself who wrote it.

Last Tuesday, the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, announced that he will have dinner with Peng Shuai during the Olympics.

- We know from our video conversations that she lives here in Beijing, that she can move freely and that she spends time with family and friends, Bach says according to AP.