• The UBB receives Castres for the shock of the 16th day of Top 14 this Saturday (3 p.m.).

  • Christophe Urios will once again line up the very promising Louis Bielle-Biarrey at the back, around a hat-trick for his first match in the European Cup at 18.

  • Presented as one of the great hopes of French rugby, the young man also stands out for his slender physique.

It's a small sentence but it means a lot: “Christophe [Urios] doesn't want to put it too much forward for the moment”!

This response is that of an employee of the Union Bordeaux-Bègles asked about Louis Bielle-Biarrey.

The boss indeed watches very closely over his new nugget.

No question of grilling it.

The emblematic Bordeaux manager knows the music too well.

Moreover, for the record, “if Romain Buros [the titular rear] had not been injured, we would not have seen him this year” recalls Urios above all.

#ChampionsCup - #MondayMotivation

Louis Bielle-Biarrey.

18 years old.

First European Cup game with @UBBrugby.

Triple 🤐 pic.twitter.com/u74GglYyGL

— TOP 14 Rugby (@top14rugby) January 17, 2022

But we have seen it, a lot even and now, we want more.

It started with ten minutes of warm-up in Brive in the Top 14 before the first stroke of brilliance in the career of "LBB" with a hat-trick during his first pro tenure at 18 in the European Cup.

Who says better ?


Even the person concerned had a hard time recovering from it: “It's really incredible.

Liam Williams [European champion, 71 caps with Wales] is a player that I admire a lot and that he comes to stretch my cramps, it's unthinkable.

I'm super happy with that and my three tries.

“Everything is therefore going very quickly for the very young rear and winger of the UBB, like him on the ground.

An “ultra-complete” kid

However, the paradox is that this feat ultimately surprised almost no one. In any case, not those who know him or those who observe him like us every week in training. At UBB, everyone has heard of the kid since his arrival last summer from the Grenoble training center. Some speak of the one who goes through the trials with the Hopes as a phenomenon. His teammate and competitor, Nans Ducuing described him a few days ago on France Bleu as "a time bomb" and that the whole club "knew he was going to explode one day or another. "Well, we have to be careful that he doesn't explode too soon because that could put him in difficulty Nans", laughs for his part the teaser Christophe Urios. But as another French phenomenon would say, talent has no age.

“Louis was a diamond in the rough,” recalls today Olivier Grand, his first coach at Rugby Club de Seyssins.

It was there in the suburbs of Grenoble that the boy crossed his first grounds.

“From the start, we saw an athletic kid with great support and very good body language.

It is rare in an 8-9 year old child.

He also had a very good vision of the game and a good kicking game.

In fact, his biggest strength is to be ultra-complete ”, explains the one who trained him for four years before his departure for the FCG at 13 years old.

At the time, Olivier Grand also made him play as an opener, "maybe one day he will slip back into 10", predicted his former coach.

A physique as we see more

In the meantime, Louis Bielle-Biarrey will continue to "listen" because he is a young "very well educated person who was at his partial on Monday morning [the day after his hat-trick] while I know others..." , emphasizes Christophe Urios. “He's a real sponge, he picks up everything we say to him,” adds Olivier Grand. This should help him obtain his DUT in business and administration management. On the pitch, the hardest part remains to be done for the French international under 20, confirming his immense potential. For that, the rear may spend a few more hours in the weight room. "It's true that he is more Dominici than Lomu", smiles the ex-educator of RC Seyssins about his former chicken (79 kg for 1.84 m). But beware,"he compensates with all his other qualities" like his XXL match against the Welsh.

If we can hardly miss him with his red helmet, Christophe Urios recalls that “his role will also be to protect him”:

Well, he talked a lot to the press after the match, now he's not going to talk anymore!

He has already struggled to recover from the game because I remember he's a kid.

Now you have to find the right balance with him, having him chain and play, then preserving him.


For now, the UBB manager has no choice.

With the injuries of Buros and Ducuing, he will have to send the kid back to the front against Castres this Saturday (3 p.m.) for the shock of the 16th day of Top 14. Another pair of sleeves for Louis Bielle-Biarrey.

But hey, talent doesn't wait.


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