Senbatsu High School Baseball is celebrating its 94th anniversary this year.

A selection committee was held in Osaka City to decide which schools to participate in, and out of the 32 participating schools, three schools in the "21st Century Frame" were announced, which are targeted at schools that first overcame difficult situations and achieved good results. I did.

The remaining 29 "general selection" schools will be announced later.

Senbatsu High School Baseball will start on March 18th at Koshien Stadium after a combination lottery on March 4th, and will be held on the 13th, including a two-day rest day.

[21st century frame]

Three schools were selected for the

21st century:

▽ Tadami High School in Fukushima,

▽ Tanyu High School in Fukui, and ▽ Maizuru High School in Oita.

Both are the first Koshien participations in the spring and summer.