- It is clear that we are satisfied with three points.

That's why we came here and we had well 80-85 percent of the game even though we were a little comfortable.

I have higher demands than what the players delivered, says TT's coach Daniel Jernberg to Expressen.

When Wibron shaved a diagonally hit ball at the right post and put it 4-1 at the start of the third period, it felt decided.

Team Thorén was on its way to its 15th win in 16 league matches and extended league lead while Jönköping was on its way to recovering its 16th loss in 17 games and cemented jumbo.

But Jönköping fought all the way in and a couple of minutes later Amanda Strömberg made the 2-4 reduction.

In the final minutes, Jönköping picked out the goalkeeper after a timeout but Wibron got hold of the ball and from half level she put 5-2 in the empty net.

After that, Sofia Joelsson put from close range with the goalkeeper back and Wibron then put an end when she shaved in 7-2 from the favorite position from the right after a quick pass to the side in the final minute.

The last three goals were scored by Team Thorén in just 1.40.