In the second stage of the first place of sumo wrestling, Asahanshin from Osaka Prefecture won all seven races.

In the first two stages of the first place, the Takasago stable Asahanshin, who had won all six races, and the Naruto stable Kawamura played against each other, and the Asahanshin won by sending them down and won the all-win victory.

Asahanshin is 21 years old from Izumiotsu City, Osaka Prefecture.

I stepped on the first ring in the spring of 2016, and experienced the third stage in the summer of last year.

Right now, I faced the 27th piece in the second stage of the west, and I was able to win the stars with my favorite push sumo.

Asahanshin said, "I managed to win. I was a little nervous, but I was thinking of getting rid of my sumo. I was in a hurry to win and often fell off the ring, so I was able to see it well. I was relieved to talk.

Asahanshin, who is an avid fan of professional baseball and the Hanshin Tigers, responded with a smile to the victory at the first place of the year, saying, "I don't know, but I may have been enthusiastic."

Then, for the next spring place in Osaka, he said, "I want to do my best not to lose in a row. I hope I can win because I am a local."