It was last Thursday that Frida Karlsson ran the test race.

The distance was 15 kilometers skiathlon, which is also the ladies' first Olympic race in Beijing on February 5.

Frida Karlsson drove herself, but the setup was as competitive as possible.

She could both measure heart rate, lactate (blood test that shows how the body reacts at high workload) as well as the actual feeling of riding, and switching between classic and freestyle.

Afterwards, Per Nilsson was lyrical:

- It looked very good.

Her feeling and pressure in the ride worked very well, says Per Nilsson.

TT: How did Frida Karlsson perceive her riding?

- She was not super happy, but felt that there is a little left.

She wants a little more pressure and torment.

But it's hard to torment herself that way when she drives herself.

The percentages she can pick out when the number tag comes on can be difficult to measure, Per Nilsson answers.

Trained too hard before the Tour de Ski

The test race confirmed for Frida Karlsson and her team that the training went well after returning from the Tour de Ski at the turn of the year.

Per Nilsson stated that this is the first time in two years that she has been able to train normally in January.

Two years ago, Karlsson was forced to take a break due to health problems.

Last year, she was injured after falling to the floor in connection with strength training at the hotel during the tour.

- Now it looked good, says Per Nilsson, despite the fact that Frida Karlsson did not do any giant races before she broke the tour after the sprint.

Per Nilsson avslöjar att det berodde på hon tränade lite för hårt på hög höjd mellan tävlingarna i Davos och Tour de Ski, samtidigt som hon påverkades av att gå ner från 1 800 till tävlingshöjden 1 400 meter. Han berättar också att hon hade inte perfekta skidor på den andra etappen.

– För mig var detta inte något alarmerande. Hon skulle inte flyga fram på Tour de Ski. De senaste veckorna har träningen gått bra, säger Per Nilsson.

Undvika misstag

TT: Vilka misstag kan Frida Karlsson göra med sin form de sista veckorna före OS?

– Att hon tränar för mycket. Nu handlar det om att göra som tidigare, men ta bort 20 procent av allting i träningen, säger Per Nilsson.

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Frida Karlsson: "I think the Olympic Village is the safest place on earth" Photo: Bildbyrån