A total of ten SHL players were selected in Johan Garpenlöv's Olympic squad.

The worst affected was Färjestad, who were forced to do without the centers Linus Johansson and Jacob de la Rose, and the outer forward Gustav Rydahl when the Olympics and the preparations for the tournament started.

They will miss at least two matches, but there may also be some more depending on how the SHL handles the matches that could not be played due to covid-19.

- We will see how many matches they will miss considering covid, but of course there can be a few if we are unlucky, says Färjestad's coach Johan Pennerborn.

Are there any names you get rid of?

- We usually count the team as a machine, but it is clear that these are three players who swallow a lot of ice time in both boxplay, powerplay and the game five against five, so of course it will be noticed that they are gone but we hope that it should not affect us too much.

Instead, Pennerborn hopes other players will step forward and take responsibility.

- We have recently brought in Patrik Lundh on the center side and it is very positive for us, then we also have Victor Ejdsell who can step in and take a center role if needed.

We also have two good juniors in Lucas Forsell, who showed his front feet when he got the chance with us, and Martin Johnsen who did really well in our junior team.

And he sees no reason to change the goal.

- We must not think that this will affect us so much, our goal to get to the playoffs remains the same no matter how many matches they will miss, no talk about that thing.