At a digital press conference, journalists from several countries were asked questions by the EHF (European Handball Federation) about the situation that arose during the European Handball Championship.

You have a hygiene concept, but after some matches you see players go to the stands and hug and kiss wives and relatives, how can that happen?

- I do not know.

Did not know that players hug their wives, it should not be so.

Feel free to warn us and we may raise it with the team that does not follow the rules.

Has the law been good enough to follow your rules?

- It is not up to me to answer, it is everyone's responsibility.

But there are different disciplines among different teams and individuals, just like in society, and we try to get them to stick to our rules.

Meet at breakfast

Several teams have been critical of the fact that they are not insulated sufficiently in hotels.

For example, that they live for too many teams in the same hotel and that they meet for breakfast, how do you react to that?

- That was not the plan.

But together with the organizer, we have adjusted and satisfied the team's wishes.

We do everything we can to help.

Does the EHF think this is a fair tournament given all the corona cases?

- Of course, there will be different circumstances for the law.

But they want to play and accept the situation.

Look at Croatia and Germany, for example, who, after all, line up with good teams every match.

So it's fair even if we unfortunately have big challenges.

Hausleitner also pointed out that EHF currently has no plans to cancel the tournament but to continue playing according to plan.

ARCHIVE: The progress of the tournament is not in the danger zone - despite several covid cases (January 20, 2022)

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The progress of the tournament is not in the danger zone - despite several covid incidents Photo: Bildbyrån