Joakim Fagervall is highly relevant to take over the crisis Djurgården just days after he was fired from Malmö.

According to information to SVT Sport, he is also the players' choice where several leading players have been involved and had a say in the matter.

He is a name that can help Djurgården in the bottom battle, Håkan Loob believes.

- You are in the situation you are in. Last in the series and they need a little more ingredients, says Loob.

- It is a new voice that comes in, he hopefully gets good support from his assistants and I think it can be a boost for Djurgården, he continues.

"You can not get stuck there"

But a few months away, negative qualifiers are played in the SHL.

Djurgården is firmly anchored at the bottom and must end up on the right keel to avoid replaying its SHL existence.

It may be that you meet Malmö, which is third last in the series, in a qualifier.

However, Loob does not believe that there would be a problem with Fagervall in Djurgården's booth in such a situation.

- You are here and now and want to change.

Then you must not get caught up in the thought that in a few months it may be a different scenario.

You have to see about the association here and now, he says.

En annan förstärkning som är nära ingående i Djurgården är mellan stolparna. Enligt SVT Sports uppgifter är målvakten Alexander Salak, med ett förflutet i Färjestad, muntligt överens med Stockholmsklubben.

– Jag känner honom sedan tiden i Färjsetad. Det är en tävlingsmänniska, han läser spelet bra och kan avgöra i tajta matcher. Nummer ett är att han kan komplettera Mantas Armalis på ett väldigt bra sätt, säger Loob.