The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics have three sets of ceremonial costumes for the award ceremony, namely "Rui Xue Xiang Yun", "Lucky Landscape" and "Tang Hua Fei Xue".

The non-heritage velvet flowers from Huairou District, Beijing are adorned with the "Tanghua Feixue" series of hats, allowing more people to know about a traditional handicraft in Beijing with a history of more than 400 years.

  According to reports, the design inspiration of the "Tang Hua Fei Xue" series in the award ceremony clothing is inspired by traditional Chinese Tang Dynasty fabrics. Containing the spirit of the times, it means welcoming all countries in the world to participate in the event with an open mind.

  The reporter learned that the design concept of the velvet flowers on the hats of the "Tanghua Feixue" series originated from the treasured flowers of the Tang Dynasty murals.

According to legend, it is a decorative pattern with the meanings of "treasure" and "immortal". The pattern is generally composed of peony, lotus and other flowers as the main body, and other flowers and leaves of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses are inlaid in the middle, especially in flowers. The core and the base of the petals are regularly arranged with round beads, like sparkling orbs, with multi-level faded colors, which are rich and precious, hence the name "Baoxianghua".

  In order to display the velvet flower that best reflects Chinese traditional culture at the Winter Olympics, the light coloring and dyeing has been changed for three editions.

  The production process of a velvet flower needs to go through six or seven processes, each of which is very critical.

Not only must the individual flowers be well made, but the overall effect of the size, color, and shape of all the velvet flowers must be uniform.

After the production of the velvet flower, in order to achieve a full and rounded effect, and to facilitate the sewing of the upper cap, it will also be repeatedly trimmed.

Such precious flowers are the most "Chinese".

  According to Cai Zhiwei, the sixth-generation descendant of the intangible cultural heritage of the old Beijing velvet bird, Cai Zhiwei said that as the Beijing Winter Olympics award dress, it seems to be the pride of all our employees in Beijing velvet flower.

In addition, it is our pride to be able to show the charm of Beijing velvet products to the world through a big stage this time, and to publicize Beijing velvet flowers to the world, so that more people can know about Beijing velvet flowers and Beijing velvet products, and thus like Beijing velvet flowers. , it also greatly promotes and helps our development.

(Reporter Du Yan produced some videos of Li Jiali from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, Beijing Huairou District Publicity Department)

Responsible editor: [Wang Shanshan]