(Beijing Winter Olympics) "Why did I write a song for the Beijing Winter Olympics"

  China News Agency, Moscow, January 19th: "Why did I write a song for the Beijing Winter Olympics"

  ——Interview with Vorobyov, the creator of the Russian song "Beijing"

  Author Tian Bing Zhang Meng

  A Russian song "Beijing" with the theme of the Beijing Winter Olympics became popular on the Internet as soon as it was launched last month.

In the MV of this song, the iconic buildings and cultural elements of China and Russia are interspersed with each other. The Beijing Winter Olympics venues and the scenes of athletes from all over the world complement each other. The lyrics "Beijing! Burn every sincere heart! Beijing! Connected!" Conveying full blessings for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Vladimir Vorobyov, a Russian musician and songwriter of "Beijing", said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency in Moscow a few days ago that he wanted to create this song because he was full of expectations for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Talking about the creation process of this song, Vorobyov said that in August last year, he saw in the news that China had done a lot of work for the construction of the Winter Olympics venues and facilities and the preparation of the Winter Olympics. The idea of ​​writing a song in Beijing".

However, Vorobyov did not understand Chinese and had never been to China. As he said, he lacked the immersive experience required for his creation.

Until one day in October, Vorobyov watched a lot of video materials about Beijing on the Internet. That night, he dreamed that he was in China and Beijing.

With the wonderful inspiration of "it seems to have just returned from a trip to China", the lyrics and music of "Beijing" were born.

  Vorobyov said: "I sent "Beijing" to the Chinese embassy in Russia and received a reply a week later. They said they liked the song very much. So on December 7 last year, the song was released in Beijing Winter. The Olympic-themed song was officially released at the Beijing Winter Olympics China-Russia Mainstream Media Online Special Meeting held by the Chinese Embassy."

  Vorobyov said that after the Russian version of the song came out, he sent it to his friends in London, who made the English version of Beijing.

He also asked his Chinese friends, and the Chinese version of the song has not yet appeared.

  Speaking of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, Vorobyov said that the whole world is currently facing the threat of the new crown epidemic, and hosting such a large-scale event must face no small challenges.

Beijing has taken various anti-epidemic measures to ensure the health of athletes from different countries around the world.

Beyond that, Beijing faces another kind of struggle—actually a battle between good and evil: to show the forces of good the hope that people of all colors around the world will be united, but unfortunately, certain Politicians in some countries are trying to shatter this hope and try to create divisions.

"In my opinion, despite all the challenges, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a success in all respects. I still remember the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, everything was outstanding. I have no doubt that the Beijing Winter Olympics also Not inferior at all.”

  Vorobyov himself was very fond of sports.

He said that as early as a child, he liked football, volleyball, basketball, etc.; when he was young, he liked to play hockey, skiing, boxing, chess, weightlifting, and almost everything.

"I'll be 65 in February and I'm in great shape because I exercise for nearly an hour a day. For me, exercise is a way of life."

  When asked what place he would most like to experience if he travels to China, Vorobyov said: "I would like to go to three cities - Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. A Chinese city to write songs." Vorobyov revealed that he has already written the song "Shanghai" and is now writing "Hong Kong". He hopes that the song will be released in March, and in the future, he hopes to release a Chinese-language song. City-themed album.

  In addition, Vorobyov decided to write a musical under the title "Petersburg-Shanghai".

In December 1988, Shanghai and St. Petersburg (then called "Leningrad") became sister cities, and Vorobyov was born in Leningrad in 1957, and is a native of St. Petersburg.

"Now I'm working on it," Vorobyov said.

  Vorobyov said that although he is currently unable to go to Beijing to watch the Winter Olympics and see Beijing with his own eyes due to the epidemic, he will watch the Winter Olympics on TV.

"For me, seeing everything in an ideal state is a great blessing." (End)