On Monday evening, this year's Swedish athletes and sports achievements will be praised at the Sports Gala at the Annex in Stockholm.

The Swedish successes have been many and the jury has worked intensively with the selection.

Peder Fredricson can take the big slam - the equestrian star is nominated in three different categories and gets competition from, among others, Armand Duplantis and Nils van der Poel - and among the nominees for this year's female athletes are stars such as Tove Alexandersson and Isabelle Haak.

"Losing basis of comparison"

- Tove is at a level that we lose ground for comparison, says Lasse Granqvist in SVT's Morgonstudion.

- For the jury, she is a bit of a friend now because she is always nominated, he continues and laughs.

- And Isabelle Haak?

Absolutely brilliant.

Her importance for Sweden, fifth in a European Volleyball Championship, makes the jury think it was so sharp that she should be in this context.

The national jumping team is also highlighted.

The team won Olympic gold in Tokyo and is nominated for both this year's team and this year's achievement.

In addition, Peder Fredricson is nominated for Male Athlete of the Year.

"The nation stood still"

- I'm not just thinking of Peder.

We all became horse jumpers (this summer).

Did not the nation stand almost still?

Wasn't it sports when it was perhaps the coolest?

In addition, with horses that the Swedish riders had used in the individual competition.

Applause and cheers !, says Lasse Granqvist.

Which achievement are you most looking forward to being rewarded with?

- At the.

Granqvist continues:

- To begin with, I think you should congratulate everyone who is nominated.

There is always a discussion about who is closest.

This time we sat for a long time to discuss, among other things, Paralympic Olympic gold medalist Philip Jönsson, the sports shooter, who was not nominated this time.

But congratulations to all the nominees and I embrace the whole of sports Sweden, I think it's so wonderful to be able to do that.

The sports gala is broadcast on SVT1 / Play at 20.00 on Monday.

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Here, Mondo gives a speech of thanks in Swedish - for the first time Photo: Bildbyrån