After farewell to Al-Ahly youth and “Remontada” Al-Wasl and Al-Wahda

A new champion for the President's Cup.. Kuzmin announces the challenge

  • Sharjah played a big match against Shabab Al Sharjah, who played a big match against Shabab Al Ahly and won on penalties.

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  • Director of the UAE national beach soccer team: Badr Hareb.


The quarter-finals of the President’s Cup witnessed exciting results, with the loss of the Al-Ain team, “the leaders of the ADNOC Professional League” to Al Wasl, and Al-Ahly youth, “the cup holders” losing to Sharjah, led by its former veteran Romanian coach Olario Cosmin, who overthrew Al-Ain and Al-Ahly youth in One week, and ironically, the Al-Jazira team, the "holders of the league title", lost against Al-Wahda, to reveal that the tournament is on a date with the crowning of a new champion.

And it meets in the semi-finals, which is held by the home and away system, Al Wasl with Al Wahda and Sharjah with Baniyas, provided that the dates of the matches will be determined later, as the Football Association has not announced the date of the matches so far, pending the meeting of the Competitions Committee with the Professional League in order to find the appropriate dates .

The most prominent event on the first day of the quarter-final matches was the “Remontada” of Al Wasl and Al Wahda against Al Ain and Al Jazira, after Al Ain advanced in the first match and was the closest to winning, especially after a first half in which everything was done, before Al Wasl announced the Brazilian Oliveira, the newcomer who He managed to score two goals in his first appearance with Emperor Al-Waslawi, and Al-Jazira was the closest to beating Al-Wahda before the last 10 minutes, during which he managed to win a wonderful "Remontada" 2-1.

The director of the UAE beach soccer team, Badr Hareb, confirmed that the cup matches are always balanced and the identity of the winner is not known until the end of the matches, noting that this is what actually happened in the quarter-final matches.

He told "Emirates Today": "Al-Ain may be the best team on paper before the start of the match, but the atmosphere in which Al-Wasl club was going through enabled it to win, and the cup matches are always balanced, and the evidence for the results that came out at this stage, they are all close or It was only decided by penalty kicks, with the exception of the Baniyas team, which was better in its match against Ittihad Kalba from start to finish.

He added, "Al-Jazira team was physically affected in its match with Al-Wahda, and this appeared in the second half as a result of the pressure of the matches and the Super match and the league matches. Achieving victory and advancing to the next round.”

He continued, "Shabab Al-Ahly played a great match and was close to winning and missed a penalty if he had scored it, he would have succeeded in climbing, given his defensive system that made it difficult for Sharjah to reach the Al-Ahly youth goal, in addition to the brilliance of Majed Nasser Al-Kabir in the match, which confirms that The cup matches were equal, with a very large percentage of 50% for each team, and it may be that the Al Ain team in the Al Wasl match was slightly superior, but the Al Wasl team succeeded in converting the result and ascending.” He explained: "Bani Yas may be the only team in the quarter-finals, which was clear from the beginning of the match to the end that it was the best and deserved to win with two goals, and its match against Sharjah will be difficult, especially since the team regained the form in which it appeared last season and returned to successive victories."Hareb stressed that "the quarter-final matches witnessed some important events, including the absence of the national team's top scorer, Ali Mabkhout from Al Jazira, as well as the injury of Lima, Al Wasl player, and both players will certainly constitute a problem for the national team's attack in the next camp, in addition to the great brilliance of Majid Rashid and Majed Nasser." .

Badr Hareb expected the semi-final matches to be strong, especially since they are home and away in order to achieve the title.

Bader Hareb:

• «Bani Yas may be the only team in the quarter-finals that was clear from the beginning of the match to its end».

• “Shabab Al-Ahly played a great match, and was close to winning, and missed a penalty kick if he had scored it to qualify.”

• “Al-Jazira team was physically affected in its match with Al-Wahda, and this appeared in the second half as a result of the pressure of the matches.”


- Wasl - Unity.

- Sharjah - Baniyas.

Quarter-finals results

- Sharjah - Shabab Al-Ahly 4-2 on penalties.

Al Wasl - Al Ain 2-1.

- Ittihad Kalba - Baniyas 0-2.

- Al Jazeera - Unit 1-2.

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