The Auguste-Bonal stadium hosted Sochaux and Caen for the 21st day of Ligue 2. Sochaux won their match 3-2. faced Moulin's 3-4-3.

Moulin's men opened the scoring in the 17th minute through Da Costa, from the penalty spot.

Then, Deminguet found the fault in the 28th, he scored against the Sochaliens.

At the break, the two teams parted momentarily with the score of 0-2.

In the 52nd, Kalulu scored against the Caennais.

Then, in the 66th, Virginius found the goalkeeper's net, scoring the game's fourth goal.

The fate of the match was definitely decided when Do Couto Teixeira scored for Sochaux in the 93rd minute, in extra time.

The game was punctuated with many warnings.

The referee released a card for Gonçalves, then for Senaya, Henry, Deminguet, Mauricio, Rivierez, Kitala and N'Dour.

Da Costa left the field after taking two yellow cards in the 37th and 60th.

The victory of Sochaux allows the players to consolidate their place in the top 3 of the competition.

Following this match, Caen retains its 15th position, ahead of Grenoble.

Sochaux and Caen: the next matches

For its next match, Sochaux will face USL Dunkerque at Marcel-Tribut on January 22 at 7 p.m.

For its part, Caen will meet AC Ajaccio on January 24 at 8:45 p.m., at the Michel-d'Ornano stadium.

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The match in brief: line-ups, goals and refereeing

Sochaux - Caen: 3-2 (0-2 at half-time)

In Sochaux (Auguste-Bonal stadium), January 15, kick-off at 8 p.m.

Caen coach: Stéphane Moulin

Composition of Caen: Rémy Riou (1), Ibrahim Cissé (27), Hugo Vandermersch (24), Jonathan Rivierez (18), Adolphe Teikeu (13) [then Anthony Gonçalves in the 7th], Yoël Armougom (3), Jessy Deminguet (8) [then Aloys Fouda at 84th], Prince Oniangue (6), Steve Shamal (23) [then Franklin Wadja at 72nd], Caleb Zady Sery (10), Nuno Da Costa (7)

Sochaux coach: Omar Daf

Composition of Sochaux: Mehdi Jeannin (30), Valentin Henry (29), Ismail Aaneba (22), Florentin Pogba (19), Marvin Senaya (2), Gaëtan Weissbeck (28), Aldo Kalulu (15), Rassoul Ndiaye (14 ) [then Maxime Do Couto Teixeira in 65th], Tony Mauricio (7), Ousseynou Thioune (6) [then Alan Virginius in 64th], Yann Kitala (9) [then Samy Faraj in 79th]

Goals: Da Costa (17th sp), Deminguet (28th), Kalulu (52nd), Virginius (66th), Do Couto Teixeira (93rd)

Warnings: Senaya (14th), Henry (16th), Kitala (38th), Mauricio (64th), N'Dour (83rd) for Sochaux, Gonçalves (13th), Da Costa (37th and 60th), Deminguet (67th), Rivierez (69th) for Caen

Expelled players: Da Costa for Caen

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