The biggest drama in the semi-final return between Frölunda and Rögle came in the first period, when Anton Bengtsson was carried out on a stretcher after a nasty collision with Frölunda's Johan Sundström.

Bengtsson shook in an unpleasant way and for a long time motionless, but there were soon reports that he, under the circumstances, was fine.

"Right attitude"

After Bengtsson's injury, Rögle was able to extend the lead both once and twice, and eventually went to the final with a total of 8-4 after the two matches.

- Tonight the players showed the right attitude.

The boys were ready for the match and played with good confidence.

We played for Anton who had to leave the match, says Rögle's coach Cam Abbott to SVT Sport.

"Not happy"

However, the Rögle coach does not settle down.

- We are not satisfied.

We have one match left, he says.

"Is really nice!"

Goalkeeper Christoffer Rifalk was also happy.

- It's really nice!

It's big, now we are historic in the club, he says, and refers to the fact that Rögle has never been to the CHL final before.

- It'll be fun!

Exciting to see who we get to meet.