China News Service, Beijing, January 5 (Reporter Chen Hang) On the 5th, it was the 30-day countdown to the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

At the press conference where the spokespersons of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee debuted and the main media center was put into operation, the spokespersons of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Zhao Weidong and Yan Jiarong formally met with the media.

  Zhao Weidong said that the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics are the world's largest comprehensive winter sports events, attracting worldwide attention and national attention.

We have always maintained close cooperation with the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and other parties to coordinate the advancement of epidemic prevention and control and the preparation of the Winter Olympics. At present, all work is carried out smoothly and ready.

  He mentioned that, in accordance with the practice of the Olympic Games, a series of "milestone tasks" have been completed.

For example, the Winter Olympics vision, emblem, mascot, torch, sports icons, slogans, posters, medals, etc. have been released successively; the mascots Bingdundun and Xuerongrong are very popular among the masses; the countdown to 1000 days, 500 days, the first anniversary , 100 days and other theme activities; fire collection and handover, fire display and torch relay are also progressing in an orderly manner...

  The venues and infrastructure are completed on schedule and are operating well

  Zhao Weidong said that to sum up the construction of venues and infrastructure in eight words, it means "completed on schedule and operating well."

All 12 competition venues have been completed, certified by the International Winter Individual Sports Organization, and fully put into use.

Non-competitive venues such as 3 Winter Olympic Villages and 1 main media center have also been put into use.

The environment of barrier-free facilities has been comprehensively improved in accordance with the design, which can meet the requirements of hosting the Paralympic Winter Games.

  The test competition will be held from October to December 2021.

He mentioned that we have hosted 10 international test competitions, 2 domestic test events and 3 international training weeks. A total of more than 2,000 foreign athletes, team officials, and international technical officials have come to China, which are conducted in full accordance with the Winter Olympics standards. All-element testing.

After the test match, all parties were very satisfied with the venue and infrastructure.

  The tournament service guarantee system has been fully established.

  Zhao Weidong said that we adhere to the "three competition areas, one standard" and make all preparations.

All tasks here, including hotels, catering, medical and health care, transportation security, and volunteer training, have been "completely completed" in accordance with "one standard."

Highlights of the Tech Winter Olympics frequently appear, such as the application of new technologies such as hydrogen fuel, 5G communications, cloud broadcasting, and artificial intelligence.

  He also suggested that friends in the media can try 5G Internet access in the media compartment of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway.

Put the health and safety of all participants in the first place

  Zhao Weidong said that we always put the health and safety of all participants in the first place, communicated and coordinated closely with the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee, and successively released key epidemic prevention and control policies and two editions of the epidemic prevention manual.

The epidemic prevention measures for remote prevention and control, vaccination, entry inspection, closed-loop management, and self-health protection were clarified.

These measures have been fully tested during the test competition, and we are confident that we can do this well.

  Sustainability and heritage work of the Winter Olympics has achieved remarkable results

  Zhao Weidong mentioned that the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has implemented a sustainable plan and a carbon neutral implementation plan, completed the ecological restoration of the Yanqing and Zhangjiakou competition areas, achieved full coverage of the green grid of all venues, and used new carbon dioxide refrigerants in the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium and other venues. Make carbon emissions basically zero.

  At the same time, the heritage strategic plan was fully implemented, and there were practical plans for the use of each venue after the game. The Beijing Winter Olympic Park, Yanqing Olympic Park, and Zhangjiakou Chongli Olympic Park were built.

Vigorously promote the construction of ice and snow venues and actively promote ice and snow sports into campuses and communities. The goal of "300 million people participating in ice and snow sports" is also becoming a reality.

  He said: "In the process of completing the above work, we have always fully implemented the concept of green, shared, open, and clean Olympics, and everything is for'dedicated to the world for an Olympic Games'." (End)