Chinanews Client Beijing, December 31st (Bian Liqun) On the 31st, "Inheritance and Transcendence-The Road to Double Olympics Chinese Sports Culture Exhibition" was officially launched at the Capital Museum. The female ranking leader Wei Qiuyue donated Rio to the China Sports Museum. For the Olympic gold medal, she expressed the hope that the spirit of the women's volleyball team can inspire more people.

Wei Qiuyue was interviewed.

Photo by Bian Liqun

  It is understood that "Inheritance and Transcendence-Double Olympic Road Chinese Sports Culture Exhibition" is jointly sponsored by the Sports Culture Development Center of the State Sports General Administration (China Sports Museum) and the Capital Museum. The exhibition will last two and a half months and will be launched on December 31, 2022. Ends on March 15th.

The purpose of this exhibition is to inherit the cultural heritage of the Beijing Olympics, welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics, and spread sports culture.

  According to reports, the China Sports Museum has selected more than two hundred sports cultural relics from its collections. The exhibition is divided into three parts: "China Sports has a long history", "Journey to revitalize the Chinese Olympics", and "Double Olympics City attracts worldwide attention". The first part Ancient sports cultural relics are exhibited. The second part displays the torches, medals, and representative equipment of athletes from the previous Olympic Games, and the third part displays the torch medals of the previous Winter Olympics and witnesses of bidding.

Liu Changchun participated in the 1932 Olympic Games manuscript.

Photo by Bian Liqun

  The reporter saw on the scene that there was no shortage of manuscripts about the participation of Liu Changchun, the first Chinese to be on the Olympic stage, the weightlifter Chen Jingkai, who set the first world record in the history of sports in New China, and Liu Xiang's competition uniforms that year and the Athens Olympic Games. 12.91 seconds to set an Olympic record to win the game, the 1981 Women's Volleyball World Cup champion commemorative trophy and so on.

Liu Xiang's uniform for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Photo by Bian Liqun

  At the exhibition site, the Chinese women’s volleyball team donated Wei Qiuyue’s gold medal to the Rio Olympics. In that Olympics, the Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated the Serbian women’s volleyball team 3-1 in the final. After the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the 2004 Athens Olympics, it was the third time in the Olympic Games. Won the championship in the Olympics.

  Regarding the donation of gold medals, Wei Qiuyue said in an interview: “I am a member of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and an athlete trained by the country. I am very grateful to the country and the Chinese women’s volleyball team for their years of training and donated my most precious gold medal to the China Sports Museum. I also hope that the spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team and the Olympic spirit can inspire more people."

Huang Jin, deputy curator of China Sports Museum.

Photo by Bian Liqun

  Regarding the holding of this exhibition, Huang Jin, deputy curator of the China Sports Museum, said: "I hope that this exhibition will let the audience know that sports has culture and culture has stories. Sports culture needs to be promoted and passed on, and sports culture is also a part of China's excellent traditions. Especially the Beijing Winter Olympics is coming soon, and we also want to take this opportunity to popularize Olympic knowledge." (End)