The Japan Skating Federation has announced a total of 15 skateboarders in response to the results of the Beijing Olympics representative selection meeting held until the 31st.

Miho Takagi decided to represent 3 events

The Beijing Olympics representative selection for speed skating will be held at M-Wave in Nagano City for three days until the 31st, and the Japan Skating Federation will combine eight female athletes and seven male athletes who have been nominated as representatives at the venue after the competition. Announced 15 people.

For women, Miho Takagi, a Japanese medium- and long-distance ace who won three medals at the previous Pyeongchang tournament, has been nominated as a representative in the 1000m and 1500m, and the third event of the women's group Pachute.

In addition, Nao Kodaira, who won the gold medal at 500 meters last time, has won this event of the World Cup this season as well, aiming to be the first Japanese athlete to win the Olympic Games in a row in speed skating.

Tatsuya Shinhama, Uma Murakami, and Shigeko Mori, who are the 500-meter national team members, are all three of the world's top-level talents, even though they have participated for the first time.

It will be interesting to see if Japanese players will win the gold medal in this event for the first time in six tournaments since Hiroyasu Shimizu of the Nagano Winter Games in 1998.

15 people who have been appointed as representatives


Tatsuya Shinhama

Shigeyuki Morikami

Ryota Kojima

Seitaro Ichinohe

Takuro Oda

Ryosuke Tsuchiya


Nao Kodaira

Miho Takagi

Arisa Go

Sato Ayano

Takagi Nana



Kosaka Rin

Horikawa Momoka