The re-opening of the CBA from "three nos" to "three haves"

  From 7-for-1 in the first half to 6-for-17 in the second half, Jeremy Lin’s performance made the nerves of the fans relax. "I don’t know how to express my gratitude for returning to the CBA. Although I am today (December) 25th-Editor's Note) I don't know where I am in the first two quarters, but it is still a very happy Christmas. The team wins and can play healthy. It's great." Jeremy Lin, who spoke through social media, isn't it?

  After a 41-day off-season, the second stage of the 2021-2022 CBA League game started in Changchun, Jilin Province on December 25. Due to the joining of many foreign players, including Jeremy Lin, the league is rekindled. Compared with the first stage, whether it is in terms of attention, excitement, or game suspense, there is a certain degree of improvement, and this may be what the league should look like.

  Regardless of whether the CBA company recognizes it or not, the first stage of the league is hard to say. Most teams do not have foreign aid, so that teams with outstanding local players such as Liaoning, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Zhejiang and Shanghai can win almost without blood. Competition, and small clubs like Ningbo, Tongxi, Tianjin can only struggle.

The quality of the game is not high, attention has naturally declined, and the game time period caused by the game system cannot match the time of fans watching the game, the CBA League has suffered an unprecedented winter.

  However, from the first round of the second stage, the CBA League finally has a trend of rebounding.

  The joining of many foreign aids led by Jeremy Lin has greatly increased the league's attention.

Jeremy Lin, who scored 23 points in the first round of his return, rushed into the hot search on social media shortly after the game, with more than 62 million views and 13,000 discussions, which seemed to make people dream of "Lin Madness". Era, and this is just a round of competition.

  The data will not lie.

In the first stage of the league, although the return of Ding Yanyuhang, Yi Jianlian and other veterans once caused heated discussions, the continuity was not strong. Most of the attention was focused on Guo Ailun alone-13 rounds of the league, known as the "national nephew" Guo Ailun contributed 12 hot searches.

But the overly concentrated firepower reflects the dim star of the league. With the return of Jeremy Lin, Wilms, Haddadi, Jones and other CBA old faces, it will definitely bring more attention to the league.

  Of course, the most direct impact of the joining of many powerful foreign aids is the improvement of the league's excitement.

  In the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team’s victory over the Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball Team, Shanghai’s new foreign aid Feng Lai performed extremely explosively. He scored 23 points and 15 rebounds in 27 minutes of the game; he returned to Sichuan’s veteran basketball player Haddadi. , Played a full 48 minutes in the match against Ningbo Men’s Basketball-14 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists in a quasi-triple double performance, so people have to sigh, the Iranian veteran is not old; and he has two foreign aids, Rochester and Burton. The blessed Tianjin Men's Basketball Team also scored its fourth victory of the season. The two combined scored 59 points, 12 rebounds and 14 assists, helping the team defeat the Jilin Men's Basketball Team in a very close game.

  "I always have a view that foreign aid is here to help us." Former Chinese men's basketball player Jiao Jian said in an interview with a reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily. "But to be honest, the ability of foreign aid is really strong. The United States has seen that the abilities and qualities of those high-level players are really too strong. The same is true for our league. There is definitely a difference between having foreign aid and not having foreign aid."

  With more support from foreign aid, the embarrassment of lack of suspense in the first stage of the league may also be eased.

The Zhejiang Guangsha team defeated the defending champion Guangdong Men's Basketball Team, who was back to Wilms, 98:86 after the main defender Sun Minghui was sent off for technical fouls and physical fouls shortly after the opening.

Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball Team defeated the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team, which was absent from three national players, 99:76. Although a game does not fully define the strength of a team, the joining of Jeremy Lin and Gibson really gave the team a certain level of competition. force.

As a result, the competition of the league's first group is bound to be more intense, and the ownership of the semi-finals may also be more suspenseful.

  The same goes for the competition for playoff tickets.

After the first round of the second stage, the Qingdao and Jilin teams ranked 12th and 13th with a record of 5 wins and 9 losses. The results of Beijing Enterprises and Shandong in front of them are both 7 wins and 7 losses, but Sichuan is behind. After Tianjin's victory, the number of wins has reached 4 games. With the addition of foreign aid, the tickets for the playoffs are a little more uncertain, and the subsequent games are bound to be more tense and exciting.

  Attention has returned, the degree of excitement has improved significantly, and the script of the entire season has become more suspenseful.

After the Chinese Super League has announced the expected championship, the CBA League, which has returned to people's vision, is a good start.

Although there are too many objective conditions under the epidemic situation, it is impossible for the league to return to its previous heights for the time being, but it is still hoped that it can continue to improve.

  China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Yang Di Source: China Youth Daily