The All-Japan Figure Skating Championships and Beijing Winter Olympics Trials kicked off last night. Japanese figure skating star Yuzuru Hanyu, who has been away from the stadium for a long time due to injuries, will fight for the Beijing Winter Olympics qualifications.

This is Yuzuru Hanyu's first show of the season.

After the World Figure Skating Team Championships in April this year, Yuzuru Hanyu never appeared on the court.

He originally planned to participate in the NHK Cup Grand Prix in Tokyo last month, but was forced to retire because of a right ankle injury before the game.

After this return, ice fans all over the world have high hopes for him.

  As the top figure in figure skating, Yuzuru Hanyu has fan groups all over the world.

Every time his game, there will be a pile of stuffed bears in the field.

This is not only a way for his fans to express support, but also a testimony of his high popularity.

Data map: In the men's singles short program competition of figure skating at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Japanese athlete Yuzuru Hanyu won the first place temporarily, and the audience "fans" cast their plush pets to the venue to show their congratulations.

Photo by Song Jihe, China News Agency reporter

  Some were fascinated by his handsome face, while others were impressed by his elegant movements.

But Yuzuru Hanyu can maintain his high popularity because of his top-notch achievements.

  In the Sochi Winter Olympics, Yuzuru Hanyu became the first Asian Winter Olympics men's singles champion; Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, he became the second athlete to win the men's singles championship.

Not only that, Yuzuru Hanyu also holds many world records.

  In the Four Continents Championship in Seoul, South Korea in February last year, Yuzuru Hanyu won the Four Continents Championship for the first time with a total score of 299.42 points. He also achieved the finals of the Winter Olympics, World Championships, and Grand Prix. The four continents tournament and other world championship titles can be called a grand slam winner.

  The International Skating Federation launched its annual figure skating awards for the first time last year, aiming to recognize outstanding athletes and coaches in the field of figure skating.

A total of 7 awards were set up in the first awards ceremony, among which the most important is the "Most Valuable Athlete".

As the two-time Winter Olympics champion, Yuzuru Hanyu won this award and won the most valuable athlete of the season.

Data map: In the men's singles figure skating competition at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Japanese player Yuzuru Hanyu won the championship.

The picture shows Yuzuru Hanyu in the game.

  After being crowned as the Most Valuable Athlete, Yuzuru Hanyu said in the video link: "I think about figure skating every moment of my life. I always hope to become better and stronger. I try to do it every day. What I couldn't do the day before."

  With this return, Yuzuru Hanyu also brought a long-standing action-4A.

Figure skating fans will not be unfamiliar with the Axel Triple Jump (3A), but 4A is a completely different level.

According to Japanese media reports, in the public practice before today's game, he has successfully completed this action.

  For this difficult challenge, Hanyu said: "Today, I feel that the axis is the most important thing. I didn't exert so much effort on the number of rotations. I have done everything I should do today."

  Since Hanyu has not participated in any competitions this season, the All Japan Championship will also be a valuable opportunity for him to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Data map: PyeongChang Winter Olympics men's singles free skating competition ended. Defending champion Yuzuru Hanyu won the gold medal with a total score of 317.85 points. He became the first player to win the Winter Olympics men's singles championship since 1952 and 66 years later.

  According to the regulations of the Japan Skating Association, the winner of this competition will directly qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the second and third place players will be selected according to the world rankings.

Yuzuru Hanyu currently ranks sixth in the world and second among Japanese players. As long as he can be in the top three in this competition, he has a high probability of qualifying for the Olympics.

  But for the upcoming game, the 27-year-old Yuzuru Hanyu has always kept a low profile.

He said frankly: "The current goal is 4A, and we will not give up until the end, we must do our best to fight for it."

  For Yuzuru Hanyu, the Beijing Winter Olympics are not only the stage for him to chase three consecutive Olympic championships, but also the last stop of his Olympic career.

I look forward to Yuzuru Hanyu being able to go to this ice and snow appointment and present another wonderful performance to the audience.