Korean men's hockey, which had been in a slump, revealed the future by winning the first ever championship at the Asian Champions Trophy.

In the final against Japan, they played a last-minute reverse play.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.

<Reporter> With about

5 minutes left, Korea, who were behind 3-1, started chasing after Jang Jong-hyun's recovery goal.

And at the last penalty corner opportunity obtained after video reading with 6 seconds left of the match, Jong-hyun Jang once again scored an equalizer with a powerful shot and cheered.

Korea, which led the match to a penalty shootout, overturned the trend with goalkeeper Kim Jae-hyun's godly save.

Kim Jae-hyeon blocked both shots from the Japanese players with a series of saves, and Korea's 4th shooter Lee Hye-seung successfully scored a goal to finish the reverse game.

For the first time ever, the players who made it to the top of the Asian Championship Trophy were entangled in joy.

[Lee Jeong-jun / Men's Hockey Team Captain: We


by two points, but it seems that we calmly followed each other and this result came out.]

Following the no medal at the Jakarta Asian Games, the Korean men's hockey team, which failed to qualify for the finals in the last two Olympics, is a long one. Breaking the downturn, he announced the prospect of medals at the Asian Games in Hangzhou next year.

(Video editing: Woo-Jeong Woo)