(Beijing Winter Olympics) All the 30 teams participating in the curling event have emerged

  China News Service, Beijing, December 19th. On the 19th Beijing time, the World Curling Federation announced that the Olympic Curling Qualifying Tournament in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands ended on the 18th local time. There were two mixed doubles teams and three teams. The men's team and the three women's teams got on the "last train" through this qualifying match, thus qualifying for the curling event of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

This means that all the 30 teams participating in the three minor events of the Beijing Winter Olympics curling will be produced.

  In the finale of the qualifying match held on the 18th local time, the Danish team defeated the Czech team 8:5 and qualified for the men's curling competition in the Beijing Winter Olympics along with the first Norwegian team and the second Italian team in the round robin.

Prior to this, the United States and Australia had won the mixed doubles qualifying round.

For women, the Japanese team, the South Korean team, and the Scottish team (which will represent the United Kingdom in the Beijing Winter Olympics) advance.

  So far, all the 30 teams participating in the curling event of the Beijing Winter Olympics have emerged.

  Men's teams: China, Sweden, England, Switzerland, Russian Olympic Committee, United States, Canada, Norway, Italy, Denmark.

  Women's team: China, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, United States, Russian Olympic Committee, Canada, Japan, South Korea, England.

  Mixed doubles: China, England, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Australia, United States.

  Among them, six countries including China, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States have obtained full seats in the three curling events.

  The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics curling competition will be held at the National Swimming Center from February 2 to 20.