[Explanation] The visit of the delegation of mainland Olympic athletes to Hong Kong has ended and is currently undergoing quarantine in Zhuhai, Guangdong.

On the evening of December 12, "Asian flying man" Su Bingtian said in an interview that this trip to Hong Kong was well integrated with Hong Kong citizens and better demonstrated the hard-working spirit of the mainland Olympic athletes.

  [Synchronization] Su Bingtian

  (The most impressive thing) is to participate in the activities of (Fire and Ambulance Academy), because this time may be different from the previous 2016. This time there is a closer interaction. They also gave them some exercise demonstrations on the spot. Also participated.

The next link is to pull a cart to raise money.

I think that through this kind of meaningful thing to integrate with the people of Hong Kong, we can better demonstrate the hard work of our athletes and the feeling of being positive.

  [Commentary] Su Bingtian broke the Asian record with a time of 9.83 seconds in the men's 100m semi-final of the Tokyo Olympics. There were many "fans" applauding him wherever he visited during his visit to Hong Kong.

Some Hong Kong citizens believe that the tenacious and hard-working spirit of Olympic athletes has the same background as the spirit of Hong Kong's Lion Rock.

  [Synchronization] Su Bingtian

  Lion Rock indeed represents the spirit of struggle and hard work in Hong Kong as a whole.

I dare not say that I can integrate with this kind of spirit, but athletes are also brave enough to fight on the court, do everything they can to do their best.

I hope we can infect the people of Hong Kong in the past this time. Our athletes are actually winning glory for the country and fighting hard on the court.

  [Commentary] During the interview, Su Bingtian sent a message to the young people in Hong Kong, hoping that they can find a position in the process of growing up and strive for it.

  [Synchronization] Su Bingtian

  I think for a teenager, when they grow up, they have to find a sense of existence, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of honor, and a sense of frustration.

As long as they find such things, they can quickly identify their goals and why they continue to work hard.

  [Commentary] For the upcoming visit to Australia, Su Bingtian also expressed his expectation, hoping to leave good memories in Macau.

  [Synchronization] Su Bingtian

  (This trip to Australia) is mainly to show our own hard work and spirit of struggle, and I just checked the date. December 20th also happens to be the day when Macau returns. I hope we can be here this time. Macau leaves great memories.

  Reporter Shan Lu and Chen Xiaoyuan from Zhuhai

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]