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Southeast Asian Football Suzuki Cup, Park Hang-seo's Vietnam and Shin Tae-yong's Indonesia ran two consecutive wins side by side. The two commanders will face off against fate the day after tomorrow (15th).

Correspondent Lee Jeong-chan.


Vietnam, the defending champion, met Malaysia, who had fought in a close match in the final of the last tournament, and showed off an amazing attack.

Ace Quang Hai scored the opening goal with a lightning bolt left footed shot, and four minutes later, he helped Cong Phuong score an additional goal with a sensational heel pass.

Cong Phuong scored two goals in a row.

At the end of the second half, Hoang-deuk's key goal defeated the rival team and ran for two consecutive victories, and the local media poured rave reviews on Park Hang-Seo-Ho. 

At the same time, he showed great interest in the third game against Indonesia, led by coach Shin Tae-yong.

[Park Hang-seo/Vietnam national football team coach: Shin Tae-yong even coached the World Cup national team, and he is a favorite junior, representing Vietnam and Indonesia, so I will make a great match.]

Indonesia, led by coach Shin Tae-yong, also defeated Laos 5 to 1 Completely defeated and climbed to a two-game winning streak. 

Asunawi, who plays in K League 2, Ansan, led the team to the top of the group with goals and assists one by one.

Director Shin carefully showed his confidence ahead of the Vietnam War. 

[Shin Tae-yong / Indonesia national football team coach: I think Vietnam is the strongest team.

I think that if we play confidently without hesitation, we will get good results.]

Interest is growing in the matchup between Korean coaches in Southeast Asia.

(Video editing: Lee Jung-taek, CG: Shim Soo-hyun)