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: Come on, we'll meet again later for the speeches of the UEFA pundits and the traditional videos that are useless before getting to the heart of the matter.

Be there. 

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: Lille deserves an affordable draw after looking for the first place in their group in strong.

There is something to do with Sporting, Benfica or Villarreal, for example.

That's all we want them to do, as someone would say walking on the edge of L1's lawns. 


: And yes, it is Paris which risks the biggest on this draw because of its 2nd place behind City.

The smallest name is Ajax, who made 6/6 in the pool, slamming 20 goals (including 23 for Haller).

Behind, we will say that United would be a lesser evil, because otherwise it is only cador. 

11:00 am

Hi everyone!

We meet for a moment that always thrills us all, the draw for the 8th finals of the LoC.

Two French clubs concerned, of course, PSG and Losc.

Not necessarily in the order we expected. 

Always the little thrill of before Christmas.

This afternoon, PSG and Lille will discover their opponent in the round of 16 of the Champions League, next February.

Outpaced by Manchester City in the pool, the Parisians can expect heavy in this first knockout round.

Bayern, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Juventus are there, and given the level of Pochettino's men during this first part of the season, can give rise to fear of the industrial accident.

Le Losc, he is surely the team that all the hat 2 will want to draw.

Sporting Portugal or Villarreal would be a good pick, Chelsea or Atlético a little less. 

>> See you around 12:00 to see if the French clubs will have a chance at scratching ... 

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