(Winter Olympics asks "Ji") Why is ski jumping called "the brave's game"?

  China News Service, Shijiazhuang, December 11th. It is believed that people who have watched the previous Winter Olympic Games will be impressed by an event: athletes adjust their breathing deeply, muster the courage of the whole body, accelerate the rapid descent from the steep slope, and take off in the mountain with a drop of more than 100 meters. Free to fly".

  This is the ski jumping known as the "Game of the Brave".

  Ski jumping originated in Norway and was listed as a competition event in the first Winter Olympics in 1924.

During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the ski jumping competition will produce 5 gold medals, including men's individual standard platform, men's individual grand platform, men's team, women's individual standard platform, and mixed team events.

  The main factors that determine the performance of this competition are the sliding speed, the timing of the jump, the direction of the jump and the psychological quality of the players.

  In addition, the angle of the platform to assist the slide, the angle of elevation at the jumping end, and the differences in natural conditions such as temperature, snow temperature, wind direction, wind force, and snow quality, often make the audience see their heartbeats speeding up.

  The first round of this competition starts in reverse order of the players’ World Cup points or draws; the second round starts in reverse order of the scores of the previous round, and the scores of the two rounds are added together to form the final score.

  The K point in ski jumping is the origin of the distance score, starting at 60 points, and then adding or subtracting points based on the actual jumping point.

The distance points plus the flying posture points, the starting gate points and the wind compensation points are the final scores of the players.

  The competition also has very strict requirements on the athletes’ equipment. Ski suits are generally made of synthetic fiber materials. The maximum thickness cannot exceed 6 mm and the minimum cannot be thinner than 4 mm. The corresponding snowboard length also has special regulations. The snowboard is generally used for the height of the athlete. With 1.45, the widest is 11.5 cm, and there is a directional groove at the bottom of the board.

  It is worth mentioning that the National Ski Jumping Center, the ski jumping venue for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, is China’s first Olympic ski jumping venue that meets international standards and the world’s first jumping platform with a large cantilevered building on the top departure area. The ski resort has the longest ski jumping track in the world.

Because its shape resembles the traditional Chinese auspicious ornament "Ruyi", it is vividly called "Snow Ruyi".

(Text sorting, comic drawing: Zhang Fan)