A new player from professional baseball and Softbank was announced to join the team, and pitcher Kazama Kyuta of Akita and Akisakura High School, who was in first place in the draft, stated his enthusiasm, "I will do my best to become a pillar of the team."

The announcement of the joining of Softbank's new players was made at an exchange event with fans held at PayPay Dome in Fukuoka City on the 11th, and 19 players including training players appeared on the stage.

Of these, pitcher Kazama of Akita and Meioh High School, who joined the team in 1st place in the draft, said, "I will do my best to become a pillar of the team," and then show off the impersonation of IKKO, a beautician from Fukuoka prefecture. , The venue was excited.

Kazama is a right-handed pitcher with a fastball of 157km, and his uniform number is "1".

Director Hiroshi Fujimoto encouraged, "I hope that you will improve your mind, skill, and body and play in the 1st army as soon as possible. Please do your best."

[Softbank rookie player]

Draft 1st place: Kazama ball hitting (pitcher / Akita / Akisakura High School)

Draft 2nd place: Tomoya Masaki (outfielder / Keio Univ.)

Draft 3rd place: Kimura Taisei (pitcher / Hokkai High



Draft 4th place : Isamu Nomura (Uchinote / NTT West)

Draft 5th: Fuma Otake (Pitcher / Tohoku Welfare


Training Draft

1st: Ene Fujino (Uchinote / Takashi Tobata)

Training Draft 2nd: Yuto Kawamura (Outfielder /) Sendai Univ.)

Training Draft 3rd place: Shiro Izaki (Pitcher / Fukuoka High School)

Training Draft 4th place: Mizuki Miura (Pitcher / Tohoku Welfare University)

Training Draft 5th place: Reitoshi Tanaka Hammond (Pitcher / Teikyo Goko High School)

Training Draft 6 Rank: Kouki Kato (Pitcher / Futaka Takigawa)

Training Draft 7th: Takuma Yamazaki

(Pitcher / Chisui Iwamikan High School


Training Draft 8th: Takuto Sakuma


/ Tamura High



Training Draft 9th: Keidai Yamamoto (Outfielder / Meisei Univ.)

Training draft 10th place: Harusora Kato (Catcher /


High School


Training draft 11th place: Masao Takimoto (Pitcher / Municipal Matsudo High School)

Training draft 12th place: Yoshitaka Sandai (Infielder / Oita Commercial High School



Training draft 13th place: Takuma Sato (pitcher / Niigata Medical Welfare University)

Training draft 14th place: Keisuke Nakata (outfielder / Fukuoka University)