Chinanews client, Beijing, December 7 (Bian Liqun) The annual Peak 125-Future Sports Technology Conference was held in Beijing a few days ago. Supercritical foaming process, state-of-the-art intelligent adaptive technology, 3D printing technology, all-material shoes Circulation...A series of "black technologies" were unveiled at the conference.

On-site display of sports shoes with "black technology".

Photo courtesy of the organizer

  According to reports, in the face of the ever-changing consumer demand of consumers, Peak Sports has conducted many tests and researches on supercritical foaming, and has launched two latest achievements of Bio-based·Surge Technology and Explosive Technology.

  Bio-based·Surge Technology is to extract a substance from castor oil and add it to supercritical foaming to make the hydrogen bond arrangement more regular and the crystals more dense.

While the supercritical foaming process becomes super light and super elastic, it can save 10% of the materials.

Booming Technology is made by one-piece supercritical foaming. This process does not add any chemical foaming agent, and the discharged products are non-producing organic compounds.

The supercritical foaming process realizes ultra-light and ultra-elastic while being green and environmentally friendly.

Sneakers on display.

Photo courtesy of the organizer

  3D printing technology is another major technical application.

Peak Sports uses 3D printing technology to launch "Prometheus", "FUTURE FUSION 4.0" and "Source Type".

These three products all use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and actively pursue the concept of sustainability.

  At this conference, Peak also joined hands with Wanhua Chemical to launch a full-material shoe recycling program to realize the unification of the waste material treatment process and the new product production process, making the material 100 cycles again and again, and the whole process is efficient and convenient.

In addition, a foot scanning system has been created, which can tailor products to consumers according to foot shape and body shape.