Maja Helman, everyday in FBC Malmö's junior all-Swedish team, grew up in Poland and came to Sweden with her family in primary school.

Due to her age, she does not have an A-license and is therefore not allowed to play senior floorball in Sweden yet.

However, Poland gave the 15-year-old the chance in the floorball World Cup, after which Helman accounted for one of the tournament's bravest goals.

At a 0-3 deficit against the Russian team, she showed evidence of icy nerves when she scored a zorro goal on penalties.

- I have practiced a lot and trained at home so I felt most secure with that punishment, says Helman.

Has been called "trams"

SVT Sports expert Mattias Samuelsson said earlier during the tournament, due to Latvia's Anna Ankudinova's penalty goal, that zorrofinters border on trams.

Maja Helman is not of the same opinion.

- It's a bit that you show your skills.

Then it's such a nice feeling when you put it on.

Many people say that it's just flex, but I think the best feeling is when you put a severe punishment.

If you practice it a lot and then put it on, I think you can applaud it instead, she says.

The women's floorball WC ended on Sunday with Sweden as the winner after a final drama against Finland.

Poland finished fifth and for 15-year-old Helman it has been a powerful experience.

- Coming here at such a young age is special.

You are young and play with the best in the whole world, it's unbelievable, she says.