• UBB takes the lead of the Top 14 after its logical victory against Stade Toulousain (17-7) on the 12th day.

  • The Bordelais impose themselves thanks to a great strength of character, a precise conquest and a game at the foot of mammoth.

  • They also owe their success to a constant defense against Antoine Dupont.

At the Chaban-Delmas stadium

It is not a huge surprise. But, it is still rare, even very rare to see Stade Toulousain lose, especially with its (almost) typical team. And even rarer to see him get shaken like this Saturday night against Union Bordeaux-Bègles (17-7) during the shock of the Top 14. However, this victory, synonymous with first place for the UBB, does not suffer from 'no dispute. With more efficiency (two tries refused), the score could even have been much heavier for the champions of France and Europe. That is to say.

In a molten Chaban-Delmas stadium, Christophe Urios' Bordeaux players achieved an almost perfect match (because we can always do better).

From the first to the last minute this time around.

Defeated four times last season, the UBB therefore seems to have finally learned from its mistakes.

So how did she manage to bring down the great Toulouse?

Our UBB file

Do not panic

It was the 49th minute of play. After a poor clearance from Bordeaux, François Cros sped behind the goal line. While it has not shown anything so far, the Stadium takes the score for the first time against the course of the game. And of course, at that point, many say that the UBB has missed its chance. . It's often like that against the Red and Black. Except that it was without counting on the strength of character of the Bordelais: “Under the posts, we knew that we had made a mistake but I did not feel panic and that is perhaps where we are progressing. We saw that we could put them in difficulty, we just had to believe in ourselves, ”explains scrum half Maxime Lucu. Same feeling with Cameron Woki who "felt that his team controlled the match" despite this Toulouse test.

No question of doubting.

"I was not worried because it was already very early in the second half and two, I know that my team is solid in the head, recalls Christophe Urios.

For a little while now, she has provided me with guarantees on that ”.

Race results, a precise kick-off, a huge scrum to get a penalty and the UBB was already back in front.

“I think it's the state of mind that makes the difference in this game.

Up front, we took the upper hand.

We didn't do it last season.

We also had a big defense with a lot of balls recovered in the rucks ”, relishes the third international line, still brilliant this Saturday.

Dupont under the snuffer

He was not brilliant, or rather not as brilliant as usual. And he is so usually that his team has suffered terribly. We are talking about the magnificent Antoine Dupont. Apart from a breakthrough over 30 meters at the start of the second half, we did not see it. On the other hand, he saw the whole match very closely the third row of the UBB: “We had targeted Antoine, recognizes his substitute in the France team, we wanted to put him under maximum pressure. »An instruction taken to the letter by the Woki-Picamoles-Diaby trio. The three loustics spent their meeting chasing the Dupont. And the hunt was very good.

"We know that he is a key player for Toulouse, adds Christophe Urios, he should not be let go and especially from the first to the last minute".

Because with almost nothing, he is capable of bringing misery to any team.

Another advantage of putting the Antoine Dupont under the snuffer is that you don't see much of the other magicians in the three-quarter line since it is the first link of this one.

For example, we saw a Romain Ntamack who was much too neutral in this meeting.

Arresting the best player in the world (yes, we remain French above all), it is still possible.

UBB has proven it.

A little jumpsuit and a mammoth foot game

If the UBB scrum was ultra-domineering, it is a touch that the Bordelais owe their victory. And what a touch. A combination with small onions at the hour of play between Maynadier (the hooker), Lucu (the scrum half) and Vergnes (the third row). Number 9 recounts: “It's something that we had worked on in training in relation to their defensive system. At the moment, it's just a matter of looks. All the teams are waiting for us on the mauls, so we can surprise them on this kind of thing. And then, for Clément [Maynadier], it's easier to throw at 5 meters than at 10 or 15 (smiles) ”.

# PosterTOP14 - D12

📊Christophe Urios had announced a "matches of lords" and in this royal duel the @ UBBrugby took the upper hand thanks to his conquest 💪 his discipline 👨‍⚖️ and his management 🧠!


- TOP 14 Rugby (@ top14rugby) December 4, 2021

Finally, the last stone in the very solid structure of Bordeaux, the game at the foot.

As Cameron Woki recalled, UBB "had lost the battle of the occupation" in its last face-to-face with Stade Toulousain, "it was therefore very important to win this sector in this match".

Thing made thanks to the boot of the excellent Maxime Lucu or the very good Romain Buros at the back.

And that makes Christophe Urios happy:

“It's not in the DNA of the club.

Not at all even and that's a problem.

Today, kicking is a real weapon at the high level.

South Africa were world champions in kicking.

So, fortunately, we are making progress on this!



UBB-Toulouse: Bordeaux new leader of the Top 14 after suffocating the Stade (17-7) ...


Is the UBB-Toulouse match the new great rivalry of French rugby?

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