[Beijing Winter Olympics] How to make snow on the mountains in Yanqing of the Winter Olympics?

  [Explanation] Looking down from the top of Xiaohaituo Mountain, the "Roof of Beijing", the 7 National Alpine Ski Center meanders forward, and the National Snowmobile and sled center lies at the foot of the mountain.

  In accordance with the competition standards of the Winter Olympics, all alpine skiing competition tracks must adopt artificial snowmaking methods.

How to make artificial snow on a steep track with a total length of 9.2 kilometers and a maximum vertical drop of nearly 900 meters?

On December 3, the reporter visited the Yanqing competition area.

  [Concurrent] Liu Wenhao, Manager of Engineering Department, Beijing Beijing Enterprises Beijing Olympic Construction Co., Ltd.

  Our entire snowmaking system is adjusted by our large municipal pipeline to a pond dam with an altitude of 1050 (meters). This pond dam has a water storage capacity of about 100,000 square meters.

Through our snow pumping station, 1050 (meters) of pond and dam water is supplied to a 1290 (meters) adjustment pool.

Through the adjustment pool, our 3-stage pumping station will continue to pump (inject) to the highest point on the mountain.

  [Explanation] Because there is a certain height difference between the water source and the snowmaking system, the snowmaking water must be upgraded in stages by building a booster pump station.

Through the underground comprehensive pipe gallery and the three-stage pumping station, the snowmaking water is injected into the snowmaking system of each snow track.

  [Concurrent] Liu Wenhao, Manager of Engineering Department, Beijing Beijing Enterprises Beijing Olympic Construction Co., Ltd.

  All of our snow trails and technical roads along the route have our corresponding snowmaking pipelines. This snowmaking point may be about 50 to 60 meters, and there will be a snowmaking point.

Snow machines are currently divided into fixed snow machines and mobile snow machines. Most of the snow trails are fixed snow machines. Our technical roads are all mobile snow machines. There are probably more than 170 machines. Such a situation with snow machines.

According to the relevant technical requirements of our previous (Beijing Winter Olympics) Organizing Committee, we are capable of running a piece of equipment that can complete all snowmaking in 200 hours.

  [Explanation] In accordance with the design concept of "forest venues and ecological winter Olympics", the Yanqing competition area strives to create a "sponge competition area". The surface water, rainwater, and snowmelt water from artificial snow in the competition area will realize the sustainable use of water resources.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Beiting, Deputy Director of Beijing Major Project Office

  Simultaneous planning and implementation of venue construction and ecological restoration.

So far, the ecological restoration of the 2.14 million square meters of work area has been completed. The entire competition area uses green electricity, and the water used for snowmaking, ice making and domestic use is recycled and reused in the competition area.

  [Explanation] The National Alpine Ski Center track is China’s first alpine ski track that meets the Olympic standards and is currently one of the most difficult competition venues in the world.

During the Winter Olympics, 11 events including downhill skiing and super giant slalom will be undertaken respectively, resulting in 11 gold medals in total.

  Reporter Xu Pengpeng reports from Beijing

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